Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm not in the mood to argue

So...we've come to an end of our 3 months of TTC naturally. AF showed up in the middle of the night tonight. For the first time, I really lay awake in bed unable to sleep wondering if we will ever be lucky enough to have a child, let alone the multiple children that we want.

Therefore, this morning, I'm tired...exhausted really, both emotionally and physically.

I called the RE this morning, assuming that we would jump right into an IUI, but not the case, the front desk person said that I needed to have a follow up consultation to set a plan rather than scheduling the appointments for an IUI.

I didn't have the energy to argue, they are hard to deal with in the first place. My consultation appointment will be October 15, just late enough to miss ovulation entirely even in a natural cycle.

So I guess it will be 4 months of TTC naturally rather than 3 because of their dumbass practice.

The only positive is that it gave me the time to prepare my boss and co-workers rather than springing on them a day off last minute.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Out of sorts

I still feel all out of sorts while cycling naturally and want so badly to get back into blogging regularly. But life is just so ho-hum these days, there is not much to tell. So here goes a post on life as I know it.

I've been collecting pyrex like a fiend. I haunt the local thrift stores and find nothing but have found a bunch on a regular basis at a local antique mall. When I'm out and about in the neighboring towns I do the same and have amassed quite the collection in a short period of time. I have found several pyrex blogs in the process of determining what I have collected on my own and the value of the pieces. But I haven't really joined in because I don't want to link any comments in those spaces to this blog. I'm not sure why, it just doesn't seem right for them to pop over here based on my comments on pyrex.

I've found that I like "thrifting", but I'm not sure how it makes me look. Does it make me look cheap because I have a good job and can afford to buy things new and am choosing to go to garage sales and thrift stores, or does it make me look snobby because when I go to these places I'm just looking for pyrex? I worry because I run into a lot of my patients while doing so. However, one woman I've seen repeatedly ( I love this patient by the way) is buying up all the costume jewelry in town!

However, with my new pyrex I've been cooking up a storm. Lots of homemade food and dinners and whatnot with the leftovers and all. It keeps the husband happy, if I'm not spending money on eating out, he "allows" me to spend it on he really has a say.

I've been pinteresting lately too and may have collected a few more hobbies in the process. I've been tearing apart fabric just to reconnect it via crochet into rag rugs. It makes me feel less snobby at the thrift stores and garage sales. When I'm scanning for pyrex and I pick up a patterned sheet or curtain or whatnot for my other project and I don't just walk away empty handed.

I've been painting as well, but I'm at the point in my current project where I just absolutely hate it, so I've set it aside for a bit and will pick it back up when some of my other projects are done.

So, outside of work, that's life as I know it these days.

I meant to post pictures, but have transferred them all to my home computer by accident, which I rarely have access to when Nate is in school.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sorry for the delay

We've had an illnesses around here that have taken nearly all of my attention.

I caught a cold about 2 weeks ago that knocked me on my ass. Because I have no one to cover for me at work, I had to go in even though the average person would have taken off. I really never get sick, so this must have been some sort of mutant bug that got me and because of that I managed to give it to nearly all of my co-workers (one girl has been out for nearly a week with it). In fact, the cough still lingers.

The husband got sick about a week ago and he would kill me if he knew I was posting this here...

...actually I had the whole store written out below but decided to delete it.

I will summarize it by saying that the husband is having some new unusual problems by way of hematospermia.

If you are really curious, google it.

So we are using condoms until it gets figured out. Meaning starting over cycle 3 and our last shot at trying naturally has no way of working.  In fact, we are out of the game until things get figured out.