TTC Timeline

This is mostly for my own reference, but I thought I'd post it just in case anyone else is interested 

In the beginning

06/08      Moved to Nowhere, NM
07/08      First Date with future Husband
7/11/08   Birthday, turn 25
10/1/08   Engaged
7/11/09   Birthday, turn 26
10/10/09 Married

02/10      Threw out the birth control and started tracking BBT
7/11/10   Birthday, turn 27
10/10/10 1st wedding anniversary
11/10      Visit with Gyno, ask about infertility wants me to track bbt for 3 months and H to have SA
1/25/11   H has SA through the VA and things
1/31/11   Visit Gyno for follow up- I  probably ovulate and post-coital test looks good, orders bloodwork and HSG
2/1/11     Officially TTC for 1 year, Something's up...
2/28/11   Bloodwork and HSG results reviewed with gyno- Tubes open, Day 3 and 21 bloodwork look ok but bloodwork shows hypothyroidism with TSH at 8.6 (uhoh...should be less than 5 and ideally less than 3 for TTC) Levothyroxine prescribed at 50 mcg
4/11/11   More bloodwork to check TSH- TSH down to just below 5 or so, levothyroxine increased to 75 mcg
5/11/11  More bloodwork to check TSH- TSH now at 1.7...YAY! Within normal limits!
5/12/11  Return to gyno-Doc thinks that I'm all set and should give it a, how about no.

Gyno #2

6/2/11    Seek 2nd opinion- This doc willing to do IUIs- but IUI kits on backorder

Fertility Specialist-Certified Nurse Practitioner

6/20/11  Seek 3rd opinion: Need to repeat day 3 and day 21 bloodwork done, and need to repeat SA.
7/11/11  Birthday, turn 28
7/14/11  Repeat cycle day 3 bloodwork-all looks good, ovarian reserve good
7/21/11  H has a repeat SA-results are borderline again
8/1/11    Repeat cycle day 21 bloodwork-I definitely ovulate progesterone was good
8/8/11    Follow up with fertility specialist who says I'm ok, but is concerned about H's numbers. She suggests IUI...finally!!!!!

First round of ART-BFN all around

IUI #1   Natural cycle, HCG trigger
  8/9/11    AF starts, call clinic to schedule US and IUI
  8/22/11  Day 14 Ultrasound and HCG trigger shot-  Many small follicles, but Left ovary has one at 22mm and Right ovary has one at 18mm
  8/23/11  IUI, but H's number's were "particularly horrible" compared to SA results
  9/5/11   HPT-BFN
  9/9/11   AF Starts

IUI #2.1   Natural cycle<-cancelled
  9/9/11     AF starts, call clinic to schedule US and IUI
  9/13/11   Bloodwork to check TSH- now at 0.01 uhoh, too low, Levothyroxine decreased to alternating 50 and 75 mcg every other day
  9/20/11   Day 13 Ultrasound, no follicles larger than 10mm, cycle cancelled and converted to timed intercourse without a trigger
  10/6/11 H has varicocelectomy
  10/9/11   AF starts

IUI #2.2 Clomid cycle, no trigger
  10/9/11    AF Starts decide to go without trigger due to timing
  10/10/11  2nd wedding anniversary
  10/11/11  Clomid CD3-7
  10/21/11  LH surge detected with OPK
  10/22/11  IUI (with no prior monitoring...yikes)
  11/6/11    AF Starts

IUI #3     Clomid cycle, HCG trigger 
  11/6/11    AF Starts
  11/8/11    Clomid CD3-7
  11/9/11    Bloodwork to check TSH- now at 32.4 way too high!!! Made appointment with endocrinologist
  11/18/11  US for IUI followed by HCG trigger, 1 follicle on right side 32 mm?!?!
  11/19/11  IUI
  11/29/11   Consultation with Endocrinologist to discuss vacillating TSH levels
  11/30/11   TSH at 7.18, advised to up Levothyroxineto 75 mcg
  12/4/11     AF Starts

Other Doctor Appointments

12/27/11  Seek out primary care doctor and ask for bloodwork-high anti-nuclear antibodies and anti-thyroid antibodies, lupus suspected
1/3/12 Lupus confirmed, only symptom is infertility
2/16/12 TSH at 3.11, upped Levothyroxine to 88 mcg but changed to name brand Synthroid
2/23/12 Rheumatologist appointment, don't have lupus, hmmm... false positive
3/20/12 Endocrinologist, TSH at 2.74, released from his care for 6 mos, given OK to continue TTC in another month or so.
4/12/12      Follow up call from Rheumatologist, low vitamin D, put on supplements for next 16 weeks and will have it drawn again
4/20/12  TSH still at 2.75 upped Synthroid to 100 mcg

Reproductive Endocrinologist-El Paso, TX

4/30/12 First RE appointment, Dr. looks through everything, all my BBT charts, all of my bloodwork, all of the notes from my treatment cycles, does a pelvic exam and suspects endometriosis, waiting on repeat SA before deciding how to proceed
5/10/12 Repeat sperm analysis, low normal count around 43 million, morphology good, seems as though varicocelectomy helped
5/21/12 Follow up with RE: he gives us a choice of IVF vs. Laproscopy for endometriosis diagnosis and treatment with TTC naturally followed by IUI, we choose the Laparoscopy route (due to cost)
6/4/12 Start AF and call to schedule Laparoscopy
6/11/12 Pre-op for Laparoscopy
6/13/12 Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, HSG performed, removed stage 2 endo, para-tubal cyst, and intra-tubal polyp.
6/19/12 Post-op, all looks good and healed well, cleared for TTC naturally for 3-4 months

TTC Naturally-BFN

Cycle 1-BFN
  7/2/12   CD1
  7/11/12 Birthday, Turn 29

Cycle 2-BFN
  8/2/12 CD1

Cycle 3-BFN
  8/30/12 CD1

Cycle 4-BFN
  9/27/12  CD1

ART 2nd round-BFN

IUI #4 (First Injectable Cycle- Femara, Bravelle, Menopur, Novarel)
  10/23/12  CD1 
  10/25/12  CD3 ultrasound, all clear, Fem.ara 2.5 mg CD4-8 2.5 mg, Br.avelle 75 IU CD 4, 6, 8
  11/1/12  Follicle Scan- Righty: all below 11mm,  Lefty: 1@21.5mm, 1@14mm, 1@13mm, Me.nopur 75 IU CD 10
  11/2/12 Trigger shot, 10,000 IU Novare.l
  11/3/12 IUI- 225 million post-wash
  11/17/12 BFN
  11/20/12 AF

IUI #5.1 (cycle canceled due to cyst)
  11/20/12 CD1
  11/23/12 CD3 21.5 mm cyst on left ovary, cycle cancelled

IUI #5.2 (cycle canceled as office is closed for holidays)
  12/22/12 CD1

Second Reproductive Endocrinologist-Sher Institute in Las Vegas, NV

ART 3rd Round-BFP

IVF #1 (Using mid-luteal Lupron Protocol)

1/15/13 Antral follicle count-10 follicles total, ruled out PCOS
1/24/13 Baseline ultrasound-all clear AFC again normal
2/4/13   E2 and Ultrasound:e2 around 1100, ultrasound shows 9 good follicles
2/5/13   E2 and ultrasound: e2 unknown, ultrasound shows 10 good follicles
2/7/13   Egg retrieval, 10 eggs retrieved
2/8/13   Call from doc, 6 mature eggs, 3 fertilized
2/10/13 Day 3 report, 2-7cell, 1-4 cell embryos
2/12/13 Transfer day, transferred 1 Grade II blastocyst, second blast made it to freeze, 3rd embryo did not grow any more
2/18/13 Beta day: HCG at 28 on 6dp5dt or 11 dpo BFP!!!!

BFP on HPT!!!

2/20/13  Beta #2: HCG at 104
3/13/13  US #1: heartbeat at 103 at 6 weeks 6 days pregnant
3/27/13  US #2: Growth ultrasound, measuring on time at 8 weeks 6 days, heartbeat at 164, released to OB
4/18/13  US #3: NT scan at 12 weeks 0 days, everything turned out normal, measuring 12 weeks on the nose
6/18/13  US #4: Anatomy scan at 20 weeks 5 days, everything is normal and it's a BOY!!!
8/22/13  Gestational diabetes confirmed, controlled by diet and exercise
9/20/13  Ethan Martin born at 34 weeks and 1 day, 10 day NICU stay, came home at 35 weeks and 4 days
10/31/13 Expected due date

We are back and trying again!

FET #1

3/19/15 Phone consultation with Dr. Sher, decided upon FET, need  bloodwork and sonohistogram done
4/11/15 Fly to Las Vegas for sonohistogram-all clear start birth control immediately
5/1/15 CD1
5/16/15 Fly to Las Vegas for lining check, 10mm triple stripe, all clear for FET
5/21/15 FET-transfer 1 grade II blastocycst from our last IVF
5/29/15 Beta Day: HCG unknown as clinic no longer calls until after second draw