Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last birth control pill

I took my last birth control pill yesterday. Now I'm waiting for my cycle to start. Hopefully this cycle day 1 is the day I will have to constantly reference for the next 10 months. The last time around I didn't realize how momentous this day would be. 

Hold on, I'm going to go calculate something...

Assuming this cycle works, my due date would be the first week of February, 2016. Darn, I was shooting for Valentine's Day! Ethan's due date was halloween and so easy to use and for other people to remember. 

Does doing those calculations jinx the cycle? Does everyone make those calculations before each cycle? Does this make me neurotic? Maybe I'm just nervous...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We are really doing this again

May seemed so far off when I said that would be a good time to do the FET. Then when I went out to Las Vegas a week and a half ago and we officially booked a May slot, it still seemed like we had some time. Now, May is nearly upon us!

I saw my pcp on Tuesday morning for bloodwork and medical clearance, got my meds in the mail that same day (it is a huge amount compared to what I expected, the box is equal In size to the one received for IVF), and sent in our consent forms tonight.

If all goes as planned I start meds this Friday! I'm so excited yet only cautiously optimistic.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm back again

I can't believe I'm here...again...the time is gone so quickly. I thought that it might magically happen on its own, but my husband and I had agreed that if I wasn't pregnant miraculously by 18 months we would dive back in. We have spent 6 cycles officially trying and Ethan is now almost 19 months old. We are starting fertility treatments again.

There is a local reproductive endocrinologist and I considered for about a half a second whether not we should use them. However, it is ultimately about cost and comfort so we decided to return to the Sher Institute.This past weekend I went to Las Vegas and had an ultrasound. They repeated the fluid ultrasound that had previously been the most painful procedure I had ever had. I have primary infertility, but everyone treats me as though I have secondary infertility as though I have never been through this before. It's a very weird place to be, and I have no idea how to handle myself in certain situations. With the RE and the pharmacy I've just let them treat me like a newbie.

I spoke with the nurse/case manager and am slotted for a May FET cycle to use our remaining embryo.