Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making Progre$$

Nate and I are slowly making progress on our debt to prepare for our appointment with the RE on April 30th. Our goal is to have our credit card paid off and money in savings or one of the cars paid down/off. Our tax return will be really good this year, and that, along with my bonus, should be a huge help.

However, we got a fantastic surprise. The owners of the business where I work are splitting up (that's not the fantastic part, it's actually sort of sad). They were married for 20+ years and have been going through a divorce now for about a year. As part of the divorce, they are splitting the company in half. This means that the pension plan that they started together for the employees will be dissolved and I will be put into a 401k. Therefore, I can roll my pension over into an IRA or I can take a payout (taxed at 20%, grrrrrr). We threw ideas around for a while and decided to take the payout. I've been here for four years so it is a reasonable amount of money and should allow me to pay off the rest of one of the two cars we owe on.

We celebrated by going out to eat...nearly everyday meal this weekend...which sort of defeats the purpose.

You guys, this is really going to happen!!!


  1. I'm SO excited for you!!!! Getting those pieces into place feels so good. I can't wait to read about how your appointment goes- you're on your way!

  2. Man that's like hitting the lottery! Super exciting :)

  3. Woohoo!! This is great news, everything is coming together!

  4. Brilliant news! It's been a long time coming but yes it will happen.

  5. Wonderful to get surprises that help with the journey to your dream... great news :) xo

  6. LOL, you're so funny..."which sort of defeats the purpose."

    Savings for retirement is so impt, but sometimes it feels damn good to just pay off debt. Good for you!

  7. YAY! Everything is coming together! So exciting!


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