Thursday, December 20, 2012

Phone Call

Me: Hi yes, this is Michele C*****, I just started my period and would like to set up an appointment for my next IUI

Secretary: Dr. N**** has stopped all cycles for the month as he will be out of town for the holiday. Please call us on the first day of your next cycle.


I had surgery in June and was told to try for 3 cycles naturally. He told me at the time of surgery that after the 3 natural cycles that we would do 4 IUI cycles before moving on to IVF.

To me that means 7 cycles before IVF. I asked at the time, what the reason for moving on to IVF at that time was for. I was told that the endo grows back over that period of time and that the likely success of a natural cycle or an IUI is greatly diminished by this regrowth.

I can do math, see:

3 natural cycles, plus 1 more natural cycle because I had to wait have a consultation before I could do an IUI, plus 1 failed IUI, plus 1 cycle sitting out due to a follicular cyst, plus 1 cycle sitting out due to the holiday=7 cycles

Does that mean we are on to IVF?

Is it wrong of me to assume that they would have informed their cycling patients that they would be closed for the Holidays? I was never told, so I just assumed they would be open. And yes, I know many bloggers who are upset by this each year as their offices close for the whole month.

Do I wait another month to be seen to try another IUI that presumably won't work?

Do we move on to IVF with a doctor who does care for his patients and has one of the highest rated embryologists in the country but is rather lackadaisical with issues like time and time sensitive procedures?

Do we do IVF elsewhere and kill ourselves financially and with our schedules to make it work with someplace that is out of state?

I am going to be making some phone calls, but I would appreciate any input or opinions on this situation.


  1. GAH. It drives me bonkers when somehow whose time is valued so highly doesn't respect the value of other people's time. Sorry hon - I don't have any advice for you here. SO frustrating. Can you call the clinic back and ask your question about the 7 cycles timeline? I'm so sorry hon. :(

  2. ugh. What a pain, and so incredibly frustrating to be in this situation without any warning! I'm not sure what I'd do about IVF if I were you. We were in a bit of a different situation because a chunk of ours was paid for by our insurance. Not that we didn't desperately want it to happen on the first try, but we knew it wasn't going to completely financially devastate us if it didn't, ya know? I think if we were looking at IVF from a 100% out of pocket standpoint I'd have to consider traveling if there wasn't a great clinic close. Thankfully for us one of my first choices would have been the clinic we used anyway. I hope you can get a plan in place- I know I always felt much better when there was a PLAN!

  3. Argh. Is this the first time you've been bitten by the doctor's lack of foresight with your own time and schedule? Is it the only thing that's been a problem for you?

    My thoughts are, no clinic is perfect. If it's just dealing with this, then you know to ask more questions about timing and scheduling. If it's more, or if you think it might bleed over into other areas of your treatment, then you might want to look somewhere else.

    I learned that at my clinic there's another patient whose name is similar to my own. So I ask every time I make payment or (better yet!) when we talk to an embryologist to double check that they've got the right file.

    I hope this didn't come across too strong...

  4. Go with your gut. You want it done now - do it. Sit down with your husband and just say "so here's what I want" and if his answer is the same go figure out how to get it done now :)

    I've never been a sit around person...even at Christmas ;)

  5. Come up to Albuquerque! The doctors are nice, and there are 2 of them, so when one is out the other is normally around, even on weekends!


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