Thursday, April 18, 2013

11 and 12 weeks

I can't believe I'm nearing the end of the first trimester. It is surreal to me that there is actually a baby in there. A real live baby that has a heartbeat and even moves, I heard and saw it today! 155 beats a minute. And I have proof!

Measuring right on at 12 weeks

Cool 3d image saluting his/her fans
I am still symptom free, but I thought I was starting to feel movement. Multiple days in a row this past week on the ride home from work, I thought I felt something where the seatbelt hits my stomach. However when she scanned me today and prodded my belly to wake the baby up, the baby went nuts and was squirming around like crazy, I couldn't feel anything.

We haven't settled on a nickname for the baby but I think we'd better get on that pretty soon before we have to come up with an actual name. I'm due on Halloween, so I feel it has to be a Halloween themed name, the following have been tossed around by me with limited success with the husband.

1. Franken-baby (seems too much like "Test tube baby" which is totally inappropriate)
2. Boo (Hubby was just not a fan)
3. Pumpkin (Seems too easy)
4. Skully (apparently this is a term that also means oral sex)

Any additional suggestions would be MUCH appreciated. Just looking for something cute and semi-unisex.

On a different note, I have begun to show. I took a picture last week, but we were having internet problems. I we changed from DSL to cable and the problem seems to be resolved, but I couldn't get the post up without internet. So it is here with today's shot.

Here are my belly shots:

11 weeks
12 weeks
On an unrelated note, I went to the ER last night. It had almost nothing to do with being pregnant. I was moving things around in our greenhouse in our yard and while moving between tables managed to get a huge splinter in my left butt cheek. probably because I am larger than I think I am (already?!?!). Nate could not get it out and I didn't want to risk getting an infection. The good news is that I was only there for 2 hours total and got home for bedtime, but I did have to get a tetanus shot and my left arm was useless for the day.


  1. Wow - you're almost in the 2nd tri. That is crazy!! How fun to get to see the little casper again. :)

  2. Fantastic with first trimester done. Great milestone :)


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