Friday, September 6, 2013

32 weeks...the final stretch

Although my Dr. may disagree (I swear it was written in my chart wrong) my due date is still October 31st. That makes me 32 weeks as of yesterday. I'm still just as excited as ever to meet this little boy, this little monster who must be doing leg presses in there trying to impress his father the personal trainer.

Things have been going very well thus far and we are just holding out until he makes his debut.

I've gained about 25 pounds, am experiencing some minor heartburn, had some significant round ligament pain and I have loose hips that I see a chiropractor for, and some of it does suck, but in general no major or problematic pregnancy symptoms. 

Actually, maybe not all is as smooth and perfect as it seems, just inconvenient. 

I failed my 28 week gestational diabetes screen with blood glucose at 160 when it should be less than 130. Then I failed the 3 hour test, I don't have the numbers but fasting, 1 hour and 3 hour draws were reasonable if not normal, but my 2 hour draw was at 209.

I was prescribed a blood glucose monitor and asked to stick myself (what's new after IVF!!!) 4 times a day and keep track of my numbers. My fasting glucose (first thing out of bed) is to be less than 90, and my 2 hours after each meal draws are to be at less than 120.

It turns out that although I screen and test positive for it, I don't really have trouble controlling it with my normal diet. Now if I have a large cheeseburger with ketchup and tomato (amongst regular toppings that do not contain sugar/carbs) I do tend to measure a little high. In general, I'm fearful for eating out, but in eating at home has not been a problem. Although I did change back from skim milk to unsweetened almond milk which I have willingly done previously, and I also eat no sugar added ice cream bars if I need a sweet treat.

I did ask my endocrinologist about it and why I have it. I thought that really it was more of a problem relative to obesity, or at least being overweight. He told me that it is more complicated than that and primarily hormone related. It is a relief to hear that there is really nothing that I did to cause this. He also said that professionals do not agree about what constitutes as diabetes during pregnancy. That standard cut-offs would diagnose about 50% of all pregnant women with 

I'll consider all of this a mild inconvenience compared to what we had to do to get here in the first place.

I am grateful for this pregnancy, but it turns out that I don't love being pregnant like I thought I would. That's part of the reason I've had trouble blogging. Even though there have been no major problems I just thought it would be something else, somehow different. I want the child, the baby, the family and it turns out that the pregnancy is just so small of a part of that it seems less significant, even now while I'm going through it. I know it is a miracle what is doing on inside of me, I am amazed and impressed at what my body is able to do. But it really feels like it's taking forever! I do, however, love preparing our home for this little monster and reading up on what to do and what to expect for labor and birth as well as infancy.

I've got the nursery prepped and it's just waiting on some final touches. I'll make a point of posting some pictures this weekend.

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  1. Sorry hon, but this post kinda made me giggle. It's a hard thing to explain to ppl in the TTC trenches that as much as you're longing and praying for this pregnancy... you might not actually LIKE being pregnant. That was (and is) definitely my experience! Glad I'm not the only one. ;)

    The stuff you stated above is also part of why I'm declining the GD test. The "treatment" is basically to eat better and work out, and if you're already doing that anyway... seems kinda pointless to pay out of pocket to be told to do those things!

    5-10 weeks until this little one is in your arms! You should post an updated belly pic! Glad to hear things are going well, even if you're not quite the blissful pregnancy lady you had envisioned. :)


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