Saturday, September 28, 2013

1 Week Old

Yesterday, Friday 9/27/13, Ethan turned 1 week old! We are so happy and very proud of him.

We are still in the NICU, but he is steadily improving and meeting the daily goals they set for him.

He does have a diagnosis of SVT or Superior Ventricle Tachycardia. This is an electrical heart problem, not an anatomical one, that is reasonably common. It causes his heart to race to over 200 beats per minute when he is at rest and without warning. For some babies it can last for minutes to hours, but Ethan's have been for less than 30 seconds each. It is sometimes diagnosed as a fetus, but Ethan's was not. We feel fortunate that he was born in a hospital that could and did detect and treat it. He had his first episode on Saturday, then another on Wednesday, Friday and again this morning. They are trying to figure out what dose of meds will best manage it.

We will go home with a stethoscope not a heart monitor. We have to learn infant CPR before we can be released. He is supposed to go 72 hours without an episode to be discharged, but the plan is for a Monday release.

It is expected that he may grow out o this by 6 months to a year old, if not there is a heart procedure that can be done to remedy it.

We are hopeful to leave soon and plan to make our way home in our rental car. Without a baby it would be a 12 hour drive, traveling with a premie, who knows!


  1. Phew - what a whirlwind week you have had! I'm glad Ethan is in good hands, and I hope you get to head home on Monday as planned!

  2. What a week you've had! Wishing you all the best as you prepare to take your little bundle home-- so exciting!!


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