Thursday, December 19, 2013

11 weeks old

Oh man am I behind on posting. I've got a couple posts in the wings waiting to be posted and all of my updates to do!!!

On 12/6/12 (nearly 2 weeks ago) Ethan was 11 weeks old!

He is as long as the basket now!

He weighs in around 10.5 lbs now and officially does not fit in any of his newborn clothing. I packed away everything that was in the closet and am putting everything else away as it is washed. I found one sleepsuit in his diaper bag labeled 5-8 lbs, talk about busting out the seams! He is officially in our 3 mos clothes.

By the way, baby clothes make me crazy. How are some 0-3 month clothes bigger than 3 months clothes? How are some 3-6 months clothes smaller than cloths labeled 3 months? Baby clothes manufacturers should get their act together!!!

He has never been a real crier but cries even less now. He smiles more regularly and is testing his buttons and levers to start to figure out how to laugh.


  1. Tags that read 0-3mo and 3m are the same thing, FYI. It took me awhile to figure that out. :) That being said, Gerber ALWAYS runs a full size small (stella wore 3-6mo Gerber when she was in 0-3mo everything else) and Old Navy tends to run a size big, though not always.

    He is getting so long!!

  2. Hi, I saw your blog on PAIL and decided to pop by and say Hi. Your little Ethan is so adorable!


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