Sunday, December 29, 2013

12, 13 and 14 weeks old

On 12/13/13, Little E was 12 weeks old

 On 12/20/13, E-man was 13 weeks old, and 3 months old to the day

This past Friday, on12/27/13 E was 14 weeks old

He is doing very well, he is about 12 lbs now, firmly in 3 month old clothes (if not already growing out of some of them). He sleeps well at night, only waking to eat (usually twice after I've gone to sleep) and then going back to sleep. He has good head control but can't push himself up on his arms during tummy time (well, he's done it once). We are not anywhere close to sitting up yet. I have to remind myself that his adjusted age is only 8 weeks old right now. He loves bath time and could lay in there for hours. He has only pooped in the tub once! He also loves being carried in the moby wrap. He has not found his thumb but is instantly calmed by a pacifier. He is typically breastfed but will eat from a bottle and will take 5 oz if you let him (and then spits up 1-2 oz...he is not a good burp-er). He is wearing cloth diapers full time and has been since about 8 weeks old.

This is my last update before I return to work. My first day is January 2 and I am not looking forward to it. I will have had almost 15 weeks off of work and I simply don't want to go back, but know that I have to. We have had essentially no income for the last 7 weeks after my sick leave, vacation, and Afla.c pay all ran out. I have to say that I am lucky that I don't have to take him to daycare. Nate will be a stay at home dad for the foreseeable future, I don't know that he knows what is coming. He has already stayed home with him when I go out and about, but has never done more than 1 feeding without me.  He will figure it out, and I will try my very best to avoid being a backseat driver while he does. At worst, I am a phone call away.

I will have to put some of the cutest photos back on my phone to tide me over while I'm at work and away from E.  Here are some recent cuties:

His favorite place to sleep

Giraffe Hat I crocheted to match his outfit (I had extra yarn from another project)

Christmas parade downtown

Modified tummy time

Walk on Christmas day, first time in the stroller without the carseat attachment

His Christmas presents from my brother, my sister and us

Christmas santa hat on Christmas day

Dad has a matching hat (we didn't have a corncob pipe though)
same hat without the beard

Grandpa J visiting on the day after Christmas

Grandma S visiting day after Christmas and first time meeting E


  1. Awww, he is getting so big! I am dying over the santa hat and beard!! Hoping your return to work isn't too hard on you! I'll be thinking about you.

  2. He's not going to fit in that basket much longer!
    Going back to work is SOOOO hard, but I tried hard to focus on the fact that I got to count down the minutes until I saw her again instead of counting down the minutes until her next nap time. Maybe that will help you?

    I can't believe he's 14 weeks already! Getting so big.


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