Monday, January 20, 2014

16 and 17 weeks old

Ethan was 16 weeks on Friday, January 10th and turned 17 weeks old on Friday, January 17th. Today, January 20th he turned 4 months old to the day.

He has outgrown all of the onsies I bought before he was born. They were a size 3 months from R U.s but are now like second skin on him. I picked up some 3-6 months from's and they fit much better with a little extra room.

I had to add another towel to the basket to bring him up a bit closer so that he wasn't so squished. He likes to press his feet to the bottom of the basket which mashes his head against the top. I'm not sure if it makes him look bigger or smaller.

I think we caught a little half smile!

We also had our 4 month vaccinations today...what a bear! He took it like a little trooper and was fast asleep in his moby wrap in no time. We also got another EKG done today on the fly. We need it for his cardiology appointment next week but just got the order in the mail on Friday.

He is now 11.9 lbs (I thought he was over 12 based on our home scale) and 23 inches. Both of these measurements put him below the 2nd percentile based on age. His head, however, measures 40 cm, which puts him in the 10th percentile. We have our very own bobble head!....Just kidding! He actually seems very proportionate, if small for his age.

They give you this questionaire to fill out prior to the appointment to see if he is meeting all of his milestones. They do not correct for prematurity so I had to put "no", or "only sometimes" for nearly every question on there, I think I only put "yes" for 2 things. 1: Can hold his head 3 inches off the ground during tummy time and doesn't let it fall to the ground but rather lays it back down. 2: When held in a sitting position, keeps his head from wobbling around most of the time.

The doctor said "he's not going to be the biggest kid in his class", however, the other day when we were shopping, a woman, whom I don't know, came up to me and pulled the moby wrap aside to look at his face and said "what a husky little fellow". This kid could not be considered husky in any sense of the word. Maybe she thought he was big for a newborn! But he is definitely small for a 4 month old. Either way, he's just chugging right along.


  1. Amazing how quickly 4 months goes by! What a champ for handling his vaccinations so well. I honestly have to leave the room and let my hubby take over those. I can't stand to hear Callen in pain, breaks my heart. Ethan being a little guy right now is ok. You never know what can happen, he maybe the tallest boy in Middle School when he hits puberty! LOL

  2. It took me awhile to realize that 3m clothing usually fits from 0-3 months (or 6mo from 3-6mo, etc) for the 50%ile kid. Even being adjusted for premie status, it makes sense he is out of 3m clothing by 4 months! Glad to read he's growing so well, even if he's not the biggest kid around. Nothing wrong with that!

  3. So handsome!! He is doing so great and so are you mama! Keep up the good work!


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