Saturday, January 4, 2014

15 weeks old

Yesterday 1/3/14 the E-man turned 15 weeks old. (Yay for posting in a timely manner)

We had a rather exciting week as we celebrated the new year and my return to work.

We went to a friend's house for new years eve, it was sort of a last minute plan, but we had fun playing cards and then watching the ball drop on TV. This was immediately followed by going home and crashing into bed as I no longer function so well this late due to the hours that E keeps.

I have put in two full days at work and I didn't lose it like I thought I might when I left the house. It really helped that E stays home with Nate when I go to work. This means that I can request as many updates and pictures as I want throughout the day. I came home over lunch on Friday but wasn't able to feed him as I had hoped. They changed so much at work while I was gone that I'm struggling a bit to keep up, and also, I didn't have an assistant on Friday. So in addition to seeing patients, I had to man the phones and the front desk (it was a little insane actually). I hope this isn't the case every Friday, but I was afraid to ask.

This was the face that I came home to on Thursday.

My return to work meant a return to pumping. I intend to do a whole post on breastfeeding thus far, so to keep it short and sweet here...I am a milk making machine! I hope it continues to go well for us as I would like to breastfeed E as long as it is mutually desirable for us both.

Somehow, return to regular life has me motivated to post. I hope that motivation stays long enough to actually do so.


  1. He has such a sweet face! I'm glad the return to work wasn't as hard as you'd envisioned- and I hope that feeling continues for you!

  2. I'm glad going back to work wasn't so bad! It's a big transition for sure!

  3. Glad to hear returning to work wasn't as bad as you thought! I can't wait to read your breast feeding post! I'm all eyes :)

  4. He is getting so big!! I am so glad you had a good transition back to work, I bet it helps a lot that he's at home!


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