Friday, May 13, 2011

Second Opinions?

I need ideas here people.

I went back to see doc on Tuesday for a follow up on bloodwork. I had that bloodwork done that morning because the people in the lab are slow...very slow. I was lucky that it got there on time.

There is some fantastic TSH is now at 1.7. Well within the range of normal (under 5) and well within the appropriate range for TTC (according to you all is below 3.0).

I talked to Doc about what we do now and he said that there was nothing to do. I ovulate per my BBTs, my tubes are open per my HSG and H's SA is acceptable apparently. I'm really not sure if there was any other blood work done, but I'm pretty sure I had something done on CD 10 at some point in time (likely when the found out my TSH was so high)

I asked him how long we should wait before considering an IUI and he said a YEAR. A FUCKING YEAR!!! Fuckin' Fuck Me Fuckity-Fuck!!!!

His rational is that 80% of normal couples get pregnant in the first year, 90% within 2 years and the other 10% have true infertility and need intervention. He said that with my TSH just now being under control, this should be considered the start of our first REAL year of TTC (it's actually my 16th cycle TTC!!!).

Does this sound insane to anyone else!!! I am not a patient person when it comes to this subject.

Another part of his rational is that we shouldn't pursue expensive procedures when it could now happen naturally. Now H and I are not the Rockefellers, nor are we related to Bill Gates, but we can afford to throw some money into this.

H and I haven't made an official decision, but we are thinking of giving it 3 months or so and then pursuing a second opinion. I think 3 months of a normal TSH along with all of our other normal functioning body parts, as well as BBTing, OPKing, and timing intercourse should be enough.

Any other opinions would be welcome. There is one other gyno in town (who's a bit of a creapo I hear) all RE specialists require a gyno referral and I'd have to drive to El Paso, TX to see them (but, hey, it's not Albuquerque). One of my patients is a 34 year old female gyno who now works in El Paso, I'd be interested to hear her opinion.

Should I go now? Should I wait 3 months? Should I wait a year?

Do I need a second opinion? Or 3rd or 4th for that matter?

Unrelated side note: Spent mother's day with Mary and her kids. (she sort of let me adopt them for a day) We planted flowers in her yard on base and her kids played in a blow up pool. Junebug was a hot mess of popsicle, dirt and sunscreen by the end of the day.
Junebug and Wyatt early in the day
Junebug later in the day post popsicle and sunscreen and now add a layer of dirt. Me on the left Mary on the right.


  1. I'm way too impatient to wait so I would go see another Dr who would be willing to give me a referral, but that's just me!

  2. Patience is a word that should exist for infertility - in my medical opinion ;)

    If you feel better getting a referral do it! Timed intercourse worked for us. Day 10 - 20 every second day and throw those legs in the air. Can't hurt right! Let's hope the TSH was it and next month IS your month!

  3. TOTALLY get a 2nd opinion. My O's weren't normal (all other bloodwork and SA was) but we covered our bases WELL every cycle and never a BFP. I honestly think I may have had something as simple as CM (cervical mucous) issues that the IUI bypassed. Since everything about u is "normal" I don't see the harm in trying a non-medicated IUI. Cost is very low (couple hundred bucks for the actual insemimation) and maybe it will do the trick. I am SO glad my OB started treating me after 6 months TTC - it still took us 21 and that would have driven me nuts to add another 6 months to that timeline.

  4. Crap...that was supposed to say "shouldn't" exist for infertility lol

  5. A year is a long time!I think the plan to try for 3 months sounds great and is a fair amount of time to give it a go :) Love the photos-adorable!

  6. From what I know now I would get another opinion. Looking back, I wish we had asked for help much earlier.. just saying.

    I have friends who have 'unexplained' infertility and have taken the ivf-route. But then again, of course it can happen naturally for you so don't loose hope on that just yet! It's a tricky situation.

  7. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion. Assuming it might take a few months to see someone, you can try naturally while you wait. But you should have more power in deciding what you do with your own body, and if you are willing to try treatments and have the money to do it, I find it so odd that he won't let you! I would be anxious to get going too...

  8. I think you absoultely should go for a second opinion. We are the only advocate we have for ourselves. You have to push for what feels right to you. And you have no idea how long it will take to get the appointments. It took me 2.5 months to get an appointment with the OB/GYN my PCP recommended. Then, when I wanted to see an RE, I had to wait about another 6 weeks for that. Make the appointments now. You can always cancel then later. But I think it will make you feel better that your plan is already in place if you need it.

    I'm so psyched for your TSH level though. That's wonderful news!

  9. I get my HSG today. After that the plan is to ask for a post coital test. If everything comes back "normal" I'll be on the hunt for a clinic that will do natural cycle IUI. Waiting another year just sounds like torture. You should move ahead when you feel ready, not the doctor. Sorry about AF! Just because I expect her doesn't make her any less evil! Let us know how Meatball is doing. We had a beagle growing up and we used to joke that he would eat anything not nailed to the floor. :)


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