Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sh*t my head thinks up: version 2

As you all are aware, I'm still making the 1.5 or so hour drive to work 3 days a week. Usually 2 of those days are spent by myself, but sometimes I have a student with me and sometimes H comes with me to keep me company and sits in the spare office or runs errands all day (He's basically my chauffeur, but there are way more stores especially the local/organic/natural foods stores). This give me ample time to think, so here is version 1 and below is version 2 (I changed the name as I like this title better).

1. "I definitely have hypochondriases fertilitosis".
-Being an undiagnosed infertility sucks just a little less than be having unexplained infertility. Since you have nothing specific to blame your problems on. It makes you question everything you do, every piece of food you eat or liquid you drink, where you go, what you smell, things you've done in the past. I analyze every twing, cramp, drop that comes from my who-ha, the time I take my temp, the placement of the thermometer, how fast it takes my temp, the time I take my herbal medications as well as my thyroid medication, timing of sex or absence of sex on a particular day, etc, etc, etc. I now take wheatgrass daily, evening primrose oil, vitex, baby asprin and a new prenatal. I have so much more to look at now! Gosh, maybe I should start analyzing my hangnails or how often I apply chapstick, maybe that will help. Every cramp is possible implantation, every 0.10 of a degree of change in BBT is a for sure sign that I'm pregnant. I definitely have hypochondriasis fertilitosis...OK, so maybe I made that up, but it should definitely be a real thing.

2. "They cost $40 and smell like cat piss!"
-So, there are not many choices of places to shop in the Dumpo, but there is one Natural foods store and I like to buy things there because I just think that all the things they have for you are better than you can find elsewhere, but I also hate giving my money to Walmart (as Walmart is bound to take over the world someday). Anyway, I was about out of my prenatals (purchased from Walgrenes just to spread the wealth a little) and found myself at the natural food store. I decided to purchase one of their mid-level $ prenatals. Last night I took the first pills and here's how the conversation went.

Me: "I have to take 4 of these?!?!?! I only had to take 1 of the last ones!"
H: "Oh suck it up and take them, they're not that big."
Me: "It's not that, it's just that...They cost $40 and smell like cat piss"
H: "Sh*t! You spent $40 on those! They better be made of something much more expensive than cat piss!" [H leans over and smells them] "They do smell like cat piss"..."Bahahahahahah, good luck with that one"

Thanks a lot honey.

Unrelated side note: The Meatball's OK!! She finally pooped out the bowling ball late on Monday night. She's been a little off on her feeding/pooping schedule, but it all seems to have worked it's way out. Of course, she's back in the pantry as often as possible to try to have another go at it.

Second side note: Also, I've scheduled a consultation with the only other gyno in town. He does IUIs. I'm going to go see what he has to say and maybe I can pay him off so that he'll let me do an unmedicated IUI. If his opinion is in agreement that I should just wait and see, then I'll wait until the end of he summer to pursue a 3rd opinon.

Third side note: Mary says I should exercise like crazy around O time, that it will help with EWCM. I figure she should know, she exercises, produces EWCM and has 2 kids, but are there any other opinions on this in addition to my hopefully entertaining post above? What have RE's and other docs said to you about exercising while TTC.

Forth side note: Click the tab above and check out my latest BBT. For those who love to analyze those things as I do, have at it!


  1. I had some prenatal vitamins just like that from our health food store, they smell terrible! So glad meatball is ok!!

  2. Being undiagnosed must be very frustrating. I too take some vitamins that smell badly but not as bad as these I think!

    So glad the dog is better, you think they would learn right =)

  3. I've never heard of exercise having any correlation with EWCM. :) that being said, i exercised daily leading up to O, but after the IUI my RE wanted my heart rate at 140 or below. No idea why.

    I'm curious what the other gyno has to say!

  4. Great, something else to add to my list. I TOTALLY have hypochondriases fertilitosis!

    Interesting about EWCM and exercise..


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