Monday, May 16, 2011

When a Meatball eats a Bowling ball...

...nobody gets to sleep!!!

It was a long night last night.

Beagles are one of the only dogs known to eat themselves to death.

H woke me up from a nap around 5 yesterday and told me it was my turn to feed the dogs. We don't free feed, the each eat a specific amount 2x a day. When I got up after a minute or so, he said that he found Mattie the Meatball in the pantry with the door closed and that someone must have shut her in there. I didn't think anything of it as she often wanders into the pantry, it's like her own little smellfest in there. I just proceeded to feed all the dogs and while doing so, noticed that Meatball didn't eat her food. This is very unusual for her as she is usually the first one done. She just walked away and went to lay in the living room.

After I fed the dogs, I went to refill the plastic 2 gallon container we use to serve them from. I picked up the 40 lb dog food bag from the floor to dump it into the container and noticed the top of the bag had been chewed. She had gotten the ziplock open and had her fill while she was stuck in the closet!!!

I went to look at her and sure enough she was lethargic and pathetic looking.

We gave her a mixture of peroxide and water to induce vomiting. And although she did vomit, only 20 or so pieces of food came up. I took her for a walk, and then came back and fed her more of the mixture only to have her vomit up foam. We did the mixture again at 10 pm when we couldn't get a hold of the vet. The combination of food and peroxide made her belly swell up like our little beagle had eaten a bowling ball.

When the vet did call back around 11:30 PM, he recommended letting her have water and walking her a little, but as long as the vomiting stopped and pooping started he said that she should be fine. He said that little dogs rarely suffer from bloat (twisted stomach) like big dogs do. I took her for a walk again at midnight or so.

She puked again a little after midnight, this time brown foam (maybe some mushy food was in it?) but kept drinking a little water (we did try to limit her water).

I was so worried about her I could barely sleep. I left her with H today as I had to commute to work. He will take her to the vet if she seems worse. I can't stop thinking about her though.

She still hasn't pooped and it's 11:00 AM, H is going to take her to the vet to see what he has to say.

Side Note: AF just came, ran to the bathroom before publishing this post. Not to upset as you see I have other things to worry about.


  1. oh no! poor puppy, I hope everything is ok!! And sorry about AF :(

  2. Oh no! She looks like such a sweet girl. They are our babies, so I would be worrying just as much as you! Hopefully her little body will process it all, it's just taking some time.

    Sorry about AF...

  3. Poor puppy... hope he's feeling better.

  4. Feeling sorry for her, hope it all solves itself and she gets it out.. of course you worry, she's your girl!

    And AF on top of this. Ugh.

  5. Poor puppy. :(

    I mix the wheatgrass with four ounces juice or water....plUg my nose, and chug. Good luck!

  6. I don't know how to leave you personal message but if I had Harry Potter Ministry powers I can assure you we'd be blogging about how to make pot roast instead of baby making/aquiring haha!!!

    Ministry in Canada is just short for Social Services lol.


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