Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm here...

If a blogger doesn't post for a while, I know she still exists, but since I don't know what's going on with her, it's almost as though she doesn't exist.

I assure you that although I'm not posting very often, I do still exist.

So, let's think, what's been happening since I last posted.

Well last weekend the husband and I drove to Scottsdale for a training that I had to attend. I wanted him to be able to come because I knew I'd have a hotel room at a resort all to myself and that he could come and enjoy the relaxation and free time while I attended classes. Driving saved us money on both a flight and a rental car and a 7 hour drive isn't that big of a deal for us. It was also nice to be able to come and go as we like and go to the big mall and drive around. All in all it was a good weekend even though the husband had a final to finish and turn in and other homework to do, he never even laid out by the pool!

Then last week hubby had to go for his repeat sperm analysis. We don't have the results back yet, but he did actually go even though it had to be rescheduled twice, our fault, not the clinic's.

I'm still watching my diet and trying to exercise, but haven't been very good, I'm trying to get back on track so that I will be my ideal weight before any more IF treatments.

We turned off or satellite TV back in February/March and it has been a great stress relief and money saver as I actually do get more done without having the boob tube to sit down to each night. However, the husband gave in and let me buy a digital antenna from R.adio Sh.ack and I hooked it up. We now get ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, and some channel called My 50 TV. I can watch most of the junk I typically would and without really paying for it (yes, the antenna was about $70, but it is not a recurring fee like satellite was).

This weekend, we did a whole bunch of nothing, you know cleaning and the like, but not really much else.

I'll very busy at work these coming weeks. We have two graduate students who work for us right now and although they are technically still students, they will graduate and go on to other jobs at the end of May, so they are reasonably skilled by this point. As soon as they leave however, we get two new students. Although students do help with the workload in the long run, initially they are ever so much more work for me.

I have my follow up with the RE in El Paso, TX a week from today, I'm excited and nervous because hopefully he will have a plan and we can finally get this show on the road. By the way, I did call to see if they could move the appointment up, and although there was no specific reason for not doing the appointment sooner than 3 weeks from the initial consultation, they did not have any openings for a follow up any sooner.

Side Note: I don't think that I ever told you guys that my infertile friend/hearing aid patient delivered her babies at 28 weeks. They were in the NICU in El Paso, TX until last Friday when they were finally able to come home. Their actual due date (40 weeks) is May 23, 2012. She is very lucky to have two very small babies who are both healthy and home (and who passed their newborn hearing tests!!).

Second Side Note: My friend Mary is separated from the air force now and will shortly be moving home with her kids to Connecticut. I will miss her and wish desperately for more time before she moves away, as my mind has been so preoccupied and work has been so crazy, we haven't really had the chance to hang out before she moves.

Third Side Note: I am tentatively going to have my first meet up in real life with a blogger friend. Donor Diva is coming with her husband and son in August to visit her family who live in the area. We have yet to firm up any plans, but I'm still so excited!!


  1. Glad to hear your voice... and your news. Thinking of you for your upcoming appt... hope you get going soon and that it brings good news for you xoxo

  2. Isn't it funny how a 7 hr drive doesn't seem like much when you live in this area of the country? We do the 6 hrs to Denver all the time!

    I would lOVE to do that with our TV (we spend a crazy amt on TV), but my husband is such an ESPN freak he would never go for it. For me, those 4 main channels would be fine!

    The RE appt is coming up soon - eek!!!

    I totally want to meet up some day. Did we ever figure out how many hours apart we are?

  3. I hope your RE appt goes really well and you get a plan in place!!

  4. Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the congrats. Hope the sperm results come back good!

  5. Nice to see you again. You have been busy. I hope your appointment goes well and hope his SA results are good.


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