Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally some news

After some scrambling around, I went for our WTF (if you want to call it that) appointment yesterday. I had made this appointment 3 weeks ago after my initial consultation with the RE. I was unable to make it any sooner (as it turns out it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway because we have to wait until my next period to do anything).

I got a voicemail after I was in yoga class on Saturday morning that the office needed to change my appointment from 2:45 to 9:45. I ran over to the husband who was doing cardio and said that they had called him after being unable to get a hold of me and he told them that no way would I be able to go as I couldn't change my schedule that last minute. I called immediately back and said that I would figure it out, but had to leave that on their voicemail. I ran over to work and on a Saturday, called all of my patients for Monday and moved them from the morning to the afternoon and then hoped that I would actually be able to be seen.

I called first thing in the morning (as we were already driving to El Paso) and confirmed that they did get my message and that I would be able to be seen. It turns out that they got it and things were OK.

Got there on time for my 9:45 appointment but we didn't actually see the doc until 11:00 and I had to leave by 11:30 in order to make it back to see my own patients.

He basically gave us the long and short of it in about 5 minutes.

Husbands sperm look OK, not great, but OK and slightly better than they did at any previous testing, so it turns out that the varicocelectomy did help even if only slightly.

That means that we aren't automatically moving to IVF because his numbers look OK. If they had been any poorer, our only option would be IVF.

He explained that he does believe that I have some degree of endometriosis and that the only way to diagnosis it is laparoscopy.

He laid the two choices in our hands:

Choice 1: Do IVF, it bypasses the toxic pelvic environment as well as the fair sperm counts, he gives us a 60-70% chance of success

Choice 2: Have laparoscopy to diagnose and treat endometriosis and sit that month out of the game, then try naturally for 2-3 months (because I do ovulate and there is sperm), then do injectable IUIs for up to 4 cycles. He gives this a 60% chance of success.  and if it doesn't work move on to IVF.

Regrettably, we have chosen choice 2 as it makes more financial sense at this time. If it doesn't work, it will be at maximum 8 months until we can do IVF and we will have the chance to save up some money and likely use next years tax return to pay for IVF.

So, for now, I wait for my period, call on the first day and schedule my laparoscopy for 1-2 weeks after my period starts.

In the meantime, while TTC is on hold, I'm going to work my butt off to get down to my goal weight. I've gone to the gym for the last 3 days in a row and everyone is commenting on how much weight I've lost in the last few weeks. I hate to break it to them, but the actual weight loss is 0 pounds! Trying desperately to lose 1 lb by tomorrow's weigh-in.

Side Note: Mary moved away, guess I need to start making new friends.

Second Side Note: I got to meet my friend Stephanie's twins, she finally brought them home (their technical due date is tomorrow), they are so small, but I got to hold and feed and burp them. Didn't have to change any dirty diapers though, nor did I get spit up on! I haven't asked if I can post any pictures, so that will have to wait.


  1. I think you have a really good plan in place. It has to feel good to have some stuff in the works. I'm glad everything worked out and you were able to get in for the appt. Keep us posted!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Good luck.

  3. Well now you have a plan and that always helps me to feel a little better. Good luck with everything!!

  4. Just wanted to say, that I had a lap, waited a month and got pregnant on our first IUI, and the hubby only had 4% morphology the first time. Best of luck with your plan 2!!!

  5. Sounds like you have a great plan. I can't wait to read about the upcoming successes that are in your future! :)

  6. I think it sounds like a great plan - not "regrettably" at all. Great to hear that there was some improvement with the hubby's swimmers ("slightly better" can mean millions of more healthy swimmers giving it a shot if you think about it!) and if you can get that BFP with an IUI, hells yes! That's what worked for us!

  7. Isn't it nice to have a plan? Good luck!

  8. Great to have a plan and know that there's a good success rate :) Thinking of you for your laparoscope and hope it brings more answers/solutions... FXd for you :)) Love always xoxo

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