Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Starting Week 21

I'm not doing a regular post because I'm getting ready to leave to drive to Phoenix for training. Hubby is coming with me and we didn't want to pay for the flight or rent a car (so a 7 hour drive it is!).

As far as weight goes, I've been exercising regularly but have let my diet slip, I don't think this weekend will be very good for me either unless I can also get to the gym while we are there, we'll see how it goes.

Side note: I've tried to fix the commenting issue that some of you have e-mailed me about.


  1. Have fun on your road trip!! I kind of like those drives with my hubby. :)

    Way to keep up the exercising. I think you've been really dedicated to it!

  2. Drive safely! Bring shorts...I live outside of Phoenix and let me warn you, it's Hot already! BTW bought the Puma Gym bag...AMAZING!! Kudos on your excellent choice and thanks for sharing the pic with us!!
    I read your post about the RE visit..You are in my thoughts...don't feel like you are bugging them or being annoying just by wanting to move your appt deserve answers and waiting just stresses us out more than we need! Take care sweetie!

  3. Hey. I just read a blog post that you might be interested in.

    This girl (is really funny) and been through a ton dealing with endo. Worth a read through :)

  4. Just swinging by from Joesy's Weekly Weigh In to say keep up the good work with your exercising! It is tough to stay on top of food and exercise so at least you have got one covered! :) Keep up the good work and have a great trip to Phoenix! I'll be following your journey from here on!

  5. Hey just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! Come check it out!


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