Monday, June 25, 2012

Starting again

So, it's been nearly two weeks since I had my lap and as of tomorrow and, in my doctor's opinion, I'll be considered "fully recovered." Even though the incisions are still healing and there is still some bruising around each one, I do feel nearly healed and I'm ready to jump back into exercise and TTC.

I had my follow up with the RE last Tuesday and got the lowdown on what all he did during the surgery. I tried to outline what was done but it was based on the post anesthesia fog report that my husband gave me. My husband really tried to remember what the doc said when he showed him the pictures, but I didn't get the complete story until my follow up.

I had an exploratory laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy. They lasered all the endometriosis they found which was on both ovaries, some in a pocket on the right side of my uterus, and some on my left uteral-sacral ligament (it is because of this endometriosis on my uteral-sacral ligament that they knew I had endo due to the pain it caused with cervical manipulation). All of the endo was removed. They also found a para-tubal cyst on my right tube. This type of cyst can twist and wrap around the tube closing off the tube. When discovered, it was unwraped and untwisted, but it could have caused intermittent problems that I didn't even know about. The hysterscopy revealed a polyp in my left tube which was then removed. They repeated the HSG and found both tubes to be open and clear at the end of the surgery.

Knowing all of this, it is possible that I had both a toxic pelvic environment from the endo as well as blocked tubes (although I previously had a good HSG).

The doc gave us a 40% chance of getting pregnant naturally over the next 3 months. If not pregnant by October, we call him on CD1 of that cycle to start IUIs with injectables. With IUIs and TTC naturally, combined he gives us a 70% chance of getting pregnant. Since he plans to let us have 3 months of TTC naturally and 3 cycles of IUI, that means we have a 70% chance of conceiving before the end of 2012.

It really feels like I am starting all over again with TTC. You know the excitement you feel when you first start trying, how you are just so sure you are going to get pregnant right away and you question whether you are really ready for this? That's how I feel right now.


  1. AHhhh!! I LOVED every part of this post. How wonderful to have the hopeful, happy feeling about TTC again. YAHOO! Hoping that you don't even need that dang IUI to get pregnant!

  2. Love this post too!!! Very happy you are feeling so much better!!

  3. Wonderful news :)) I'm so sorry that I'm so far behind on commenting... love the stats that he's given you :) Great odds... and hope 2012 is your year :) xoxo

  4. This is great news! That twisted cyst sounds pretty nasty, have never heard of such thing before. 2012 it is!

  5. I remember that excitement and hope. So happy you are feeling that way!

  6. Marwil suggested I take a peep at your blog. I am in a somewhat similar position to you. We had two very disappointing SA and had our head all round MFI and then the last one, after lots of life changes, was perfect. So now I feel like I am right back at the beginning, I am not managing to be quite as optimistic as you are at the moment though. Glad to have found you.


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