Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm done with starting over

Well, at least I'm done with Starting Over cycle 1.

I felt refreshed after surgery, well at least as much as you can after being sliced and diced, or at least after a few weeks I felt refreshed.

But alas, as it turns out, I'm not one of "those girls" who gets pregnant immediately after remedying a medical problem. It didn't happen after my Hashimoto's was discovered, it didn't happen after the husband's varicocelectomy, and it didn't happen after my laparoscopy for endometriosis.

But three strikes does not count me out.

You hear that Mother Nature?!?! What else do you have in store for me?!?

I had my moment of being down this morning for about 5 minutes (while I was blowdrying my hair) but I'm over it now.

Onward and upward, today is Starting Over Cycle 2 CD 2.

Side note: Tomorrow I'm meeting my first invisible friend from the computer (blogger) in real life!!!
I really am so excited to meet her. She's traveling and visiting with family so I think that she is unlikely to read this, and I was hesitant to post how excited I actually am in case things fell through. But it looks like Donor Diva and I are really on for lunch tomorrow.


  1. Damn it, I'm sorry.
    Have so much fun meeting your blog friend- it't the best to meet someone who knows exactly how IF feels.

  2. Ugg so sorry to hear about the last cycle but great to hear you are looking up and looking forward. Come on cycle 2! :) So wonderful that you are getting to meet up with a bloggy friend. Have such a nice time!

  3. Sorry that cycle is over. So much hope for the next one! Have a great time meeting your bloggy friend. It is so awesome!


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