Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We're Home!

We finally made it home yesterday!

Ethan was discharged after 10 days in the NICU. We even left without a heart monitor! However he does have trouble keeping his temperature up. Also, he failed his hearing screening in one ear and will have to be referred to someone for follow up (is it still a referral if the doc is referring your baby back to you/your office for services?).

We came home to a house that badly needed cleaning, baby gear that still needed some assembly, and dogs that were fanatical about our return.

24 hours later the house is mostly cleaned, the baby gear is all assembled (and out, and all over the house) and the dogs have settled down. Ethan and I also visited the pediatrician this morning while Nate returned the rental car to El Paso.

The doc says we need to see a cardiologist (in Albuquerque though he does come to a town an hour away once a month but not until Oct. 30th) within the week, so I'm working on getting the referrals straightened out. But other than that the doc says that E is more like a small newborn rather than a premie (he is 35 weeks, 6 days gestation today). He also gave us the go ahead to give him a bath as his umbilical stump fell off on monday (oops, we almost became the parents with the smelly kid) because premie's skin will break down more easily than full term babies, who knew?

Now we just enjoy our time at home together as a family of 3 (plus 6 dogs).


  1. Phew! Welcome home! So glad to hear that he's doing so well. What a pain about all the referrals, but kind of a blessing that you know your way around the medical rigamarole. Good to hear from you!

  2. I'm am so glad you made it home ok!! I hope everything continues to go well, I'm thinking of you!!

  3. How good to hear you are back home already! and he is doing so well considering coming so early. I hope the hearing is something that isn't too serious, but it's great you have so much knowledge about that. And many new buddies to get to know in the dogs :) They must have gone crazy (in a happy way) when you came back!

  4. Congratulations!! He is too cute for words!


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