Thursday, October 2, 2014

E is One!

On September 20th E turned One! Honestly, I've looked forward to this for years! Celebrating a baby, my baby turning one, having birthday's, growing up, growing as a family. It all is very exciting.

Nate couldn't understand why I wanted to have a party, why people needed to come over, why all the decorations, why all the work, why all the fuss. But that is just him, he is a homebody and doesn't like to have people over. He did finally get into it as people were arriving though.

I planned a themed little red wagon party, sent out invitations and made my own decorations. A friend made the cake though. It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself. There were about 15 people. Nate's parents came. And I got some great pictures.

I made these invites in Word, I'm sure there was an easier way, but it worked out ok
I borrowed the wagon and made the 1 out of cardboard and then painted it
I made an about me page and posted it about the food table
There were various radio flyer toys around for the kids to play with, they did get moved outside
I ran paper bags through the printer and printed wagons on them for treat bags

I laid out make your own treats in my red white and teal pyrex dishes

There was homemade puppy chow and store bought carmel corn in pyrex on the tables
The drinks were in ice in yet another borrowed wagon
I printed, made and hung a Happy Birthday Ethan banner
I printed, made and hung a "Pin the wheel on the Wagon" game
Nate did all the grilling
There was a wagon cake made by a friend, that E had to play with and destroy, also, there was a wagon for presents, you can see it in the background
There was a smash cake made by the same friend
And Ethan got a wagon
And he got some cups and a another wagon (times two actually) with some blocks
And he got a push wagon
And we all had a great time!


  1. Awhhh - you have a 1 year old! CRAZY!! Love the last family pic of you guys - I feel like I've never even seen Nate!

  2. Happy happy (belated) birthday little guy!! Michelle you look fantastic, so happy!!


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