Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm back again

I can't believe I'm here...again...the time is gone so quickly. I thought that it might magically happen on its own, but my husband and I had agreed that if I wasn't pregnant miraculously by 18 months we would dive back in. We have spent 6 cycles officially trying and Ethan is now almost 19 months old. We are starting fertility treatments again.

There is a local reproductive endocrinologist and I considered for about a half a second whether not we should use them. However, it is ultimately about cost and comfort so we decided to return to the Sher Institute.This past weekend I went to Las Vegas and had an ultrasound. They repeated the fluid ultrasound that had previously been the most painful procedure I had ever had. I have primary infertility, but everyone treats me as though I have secondary infertility as though I have never been through this before. It's a very weird place to be, and I have no idea how to handle myself in certain situations. With the RE and the pharmacy I've just let them treat me like a newbie.

I spoke with the nurse/case manager and am slotted for a May FET cycle to use our remaining embryo.



  1. Welcome back! Wishing you all the best with your upcoming FET cycle next month! So excited for you!

  2. Exciting! I was actually just wondering about you recently- welcome back! I hope things move quickly and easily for you!!!

  3. Phew. Praying for a 2015 baby for y'all! Good to hear from you again, though for your sake I wish it was for a surprise pregnancy announcement or something... :\


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