Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We are really doing this again

May seemed so far off when I said that would be a good time to do the FET. Then when I went out to Las Vegas a week and a half ago and we officially booked a May slot, it still seemed like we had some time. Now, May is nearly upon us!

I saw my pcp on Tuesday morning for bloodwork and medical clearance, got my meds in the mail that same day (it is a huge amount compared to what I expected, the box is equal In size to the one received for IVF), and sent in our consent forms tonight.

If all goes as planned I start meds this Friday! I'm so excited yet only cautiously optimistic.


  1. It all happens so quickly once you make the decision! I hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. Eek! Starting meds today? That's crazy! Fingers crossed for you!


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