Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As I was saying...

...I've decided that Lulu isn't that bad after all...but her staff is!

This went from crazy mess to borderline ridiculous in a matter of days.

When AF showed on Sunday, I tried calling the office first thing Monday morning. Something was weird with their phones and it kept ringing and ringing and ringing. I hung up and tried again later. When I did get through, I left a message with the receptionist for the MA to call me back later as I was trying to make an appointment. At 4 PM, I realized I hadn't heard back, I tried to call, but their system just went to voicemail, so I left a voicemail message this time.

On Tuesday morning, I still hadn't heard from them by 10 AM, so I called again, left a message again with the receptionist. When I hadn't heard back by the end of the day, I went to call back, I looked at my phone and I had a missed call and a voicemail, so I tried to call was after 4 again...I had to leave a voicemail message again...damnit!

So now we are caught up to today. No call by 10 AM, so I call again...and left a message again with the receptionist, however it went more like this: "This is Michele C, this is my birthdate, I'm calling to speak with Monica to schedule my IUI." I could have just left it there as I had the previous two times, but since that hadn't worked yet, I added: "This is the 3rd day in a row that I have been unable to get a hold of her and haven't heard back. I'm starting to get frustrated and would really like to get this scheduled ASAP...Thanks for having her call me back at her earliest convenience!"'s possible...that my tone wasn't very nice.

But what do you know, in less than an hour, I'm getting a call from the clinic. It's Lulu!!!

She says "Michele, I was told there is some sort of emergency, what's going on?!?!!"

I reply (even toned this time) that I did not intend to get a call back from her, I was simply trying to schedule my next appointment and was frustrated that I couldn't get through to someone that could schedule it. She says she'll put me on hold and get Monica....Really??? Really!!!!

After several minutes on hold, guess who picks up...not Monica...

Danielle picks up, she tells me that Monica isn't available and that she would try to read Monica's notes and get me scheduled.

I had asked for a Friday afternoon appointment (easier for me to get out of work) but was told that it would mean a Saturday afternoon IUI and Lulu doesn't work Saturday afternoons. I say OK, lets just schedule it for the early morning and I'll figure a way to work it out. She gives me a 7 AM appt. Friday and a 10 AM appointment for Saturday.

I thank her...thinking the conversation was over of course...then she proceeds to tell me that "Lulu doesn't work Saturday afternoons because she doesn't get paid to come in on Saturdays" and just so I know "she is doing a favor by coming in on Saturday at all."


What I should have said was: "I don't care if she's not directly getting paid, because I pay SOMEONE for these appointments. In fact, it's $300 directly out of my pocket each time we do one of these. She's salary and has signed up for a job that is 7 days a week. What do you mean she doesn't get paid?"

What I did say was "Well, I'm glad we could work out our schedules."

Seriously though, I am very tempted to write a letter, but who do I give it to, Lulu? She work's under another Dr., do i give it to him? Do I attempt to contact their HR department? Should I just ignore it for now as I got what I needed in the end anyway?

I don't expected to be treated better than other patients, but I expect to be treated at least the same as other patients. But if they are treating all their patient's this way, how do they stay in business????


  1. oh my god this place is ridiculous!! I would write a letter and give it to the head physician for sure. What a joke.

  2. I've often wondered that same thing... how can these places stay in business with such poor organisation and terrible PR !! I'm definitely going to write a letter to my clinic after my pregnancy is over to tell them what I think. Love my FS and most of his nurses... but have had the run around a few times like you. So frustrating and this ART thing doesn't need to be any more difficult than it already is !! Thinking of you for your IUI xoxo

  3. Ugh...just ugh! Keep on truckin along - it's going to happen!

  4. That is a VERY good question. Is is it because there aren't many places within driving distance? Where I live the drive may be an hour or more, but there are many places within that hour drive. If there aren't other places to go, some places get lax.

  5. Ugh, I'd totally write a letter. That is NOT her place to be telling you ANYTHING about the payment employees receive or don't receive for hours they work or don't work. It's not your problem and not your concern. How completely inappropriate (not to mention ridiculously frustrating when obviously Danielle and/or Monica are getting paid too much for jobs they are not good at. UGH!

  6. What a messy place! Not good PR at all but maybe they don't care because people need them.. and will come since there's not really any other business competing over clients. Who knows. But it's not your concern she doesn't get paid, that might explain why she's been late other Saturdays (if I remember right).


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