Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving leftovers...

if you're doing it differently, then you're doing it wrong!

How to build the perfect sandwich from Thanksgiving leftovers. If you already ate all of your leftovers, well then better luck next year, bookmark this post...or maybe try after Christmas.


King's bread sandwich rolls (if you're really ambitious you can make your own hawaiian bread)

Turkey (of course)
Cornbread stuffing (aka dressing for you southerners)
Cranberry Sauce (I like mine from the can, although I know homemade is more enjoyable for some people)

Spread the mayo on one side of the roll, then add lettuce and tomato. Spread the cranberry sauce on the other roll (just like jelly on toast), heat the stuffing for 15 seconds or so, just enough that it's spreadable, and spread it on top of the cranberry sauce. Put cold slices/pieces of Turkey in the middle.

Smush (yes that's the technical cooking term) the two sides together and enjoy.

See, do as H does!

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday and enjoyed the family and friend with whom they spent the day.

PS: Mary, sorry you missed out on leftovers, we couldn't wait for you.

PPS: Josey, I saw your post, thanks for the award! I'll post on it tomorrow.

PPPS: Still in the 2WW


  1. that looks sooooo good! There is a sandwich place here that makes a sandwich just like that!

  2. The sandwich sounds delicious!!

    How did the IUI turn out? Was it a 32mm follie??

  3. we went to a friends house, and though I liked not having to make everything... we also don't have nay leftovers :( but yes, very similar to what we usually do! YUM!

  4. YUM... just passed on a Liebster Award to you :)) xo

    See link :

  5. Yum, that looks delish!

  6. Looks like a fantastic sandwich!

    I gave you an award...I see you got one from Josey too, but it doesn't hurt to be well loved, right?!


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