Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis...

...I have it, for sure.

I finally visited with the local endocrinologist (not RE, just E) today and had an interesting experience. We'll call him Dr. Hippy due to his obvious hippy type nature, I mean, come on, he had shoulder length hair, Indian beads sewn around his stethoscope and he definitely had loafers on without socks. Regardless of his appearance, he gave me the info I needed straight up and with lots of detail, just like I like.

First of all, he and I had met before. About two years ago, I was invited to his office to do a seminar for him and his staff over lunch where I explained the correlation between diabetes and hearing loss and the fact that they should regularly screen their diabetic patients for hearing loss (and refer them to me for hearing aids of course). I remembered the prior meeting shortly after I first made the appointment and he recognized me right when he walked in the door. It was nice to have something to break the ice.
It was also nice when I was able to lay on the exam table fully clothed and without the use of stirrups. It was fantastic when he did the ultrasound and didn't have to put it in an uncomfortable place (you're thyroid is on your neck, not in your vagina, just fyi for those who weren't aware).

After the ultrasound and a mildly uncomfortable discussion about my food intake, exercise habits, overall disposition, hygiene and bowel movements, he was able to make a diagnosis:

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis based on hypothyroidism with bouts of hyperthroidism as well as the appearance of the thyroid on an ultrasound.

Results in infertility, early miscarriage and pre-term labor as well as lower IQ scores of offspring if left untreated.....great (said sarchastically).

He made some recommendations:

1. He recommended putting off TTC for 6 months until my thyroid is under control (this recommendation is still being taken into consideration)
2. He switched up my routine for pills (but not the dosage) including thyroid meds, vitamins, and other daily pills (done)
3. He recommended that I have my thyroid levels and antithyroid-antibodies checked immediately at a different lab in case the recent extreme values of 0 and 32 were incorrect (done)
4. He recommended I have things rechecked at 2 months and at 4 months (will do)
5. If the immediate labs are different, he will change his recommendations (OK...sounds like a plan!)

What I found most interesting is that he is willing to take some alternative possibilities for my infertility into consideration. He is willing to do a panel of auto-immune bloodwork testing including testing for NK cells. His exact words were "show me the evidence and I'll write the order".

So I guess that means I have some homework to do.


  1. http://www.ivfauthority.com/search/label/natural%20killer%20cells
    Dr. Sher at SIRM does a lot with NKa's...hope that helps ya!

  2. WOW! You could be getting some real answers, and some real treatment options. That is GREAT! Not great to have a thyroid problem...but great that you're getting some real help.

  3. I'm glad you've got some answers, and hopefully they will alter your journey to get you down the path to mommyhood!

  4. That's going to be hard to put off TTC for 6 months but if it helps with the end goal I say go for it. I'm glad this Dr has some ideas for you!

  5. That is a ton of information! I'm glad you got a different perspective!

  6. The doc really sounds like he knows his shit- that's awesome!

    Not to beat a dead horse, but acupuncture can also be a huge help. You might want to talk to an acupuncturist about it as well (to do in conjunction with the thyroid meds of course).

  7. Great to see someone who will work with you and help get the answers you need for your BFP :) xoxo

  8. Great info and it must be good to know what's actually going on. Hope this can be the turnaround you need to start straighten things up.

  9. I found you through Cattiz.
    I also gave her an award! Cos she is a great commentator...
    In any case, I was interested reading your post because I also have a thyroid problem. when I went to this fertility clinic they did a load of blood tests and my TSH was too high. Now I am on medication for this and feel a lot better. Stronger. Also they picked up I have an immune problem, so now that I am pregant I have to have injections and take pills. Yes I did get pregnant after a lap and the thyroid tabs! So yes it was totally worth it.

  10. Ugh, I know that must be incredibly frustrating, but I am glad you are getting some answers. I'm curious what routine he has you on for you thyroid meds vs everything. I take my levoxyl in the morning and everything else at night.

  11. Hoping this 6 months is just what you need for your body to realign and work the best. It sure could be a long wait, but you will get through it, and prayerfully, in optimal health to house a little one!

  12. Damn. I'm so sorry to hear that this might stall ttc efforts, but if it clears the way for a less complicated conception, then that's got to be for the best. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts!

  13. I have been looking for a Doc to help with my Hashimoto's. Is this Doc in the Alb. area. I am so frustrated with the medical system! It would be nice to see a doc who is willing to see me more than once a year!!! If you don't mind letting me know who the Doc is, I would greatly appreciate it!! catbean@msn.com -Nancy


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