Friday, October 26, 2012

I had to stick myself

I'm now past the chaos that is the essence of working with my RE...and the online pharmacy...and the local gyno.

I received the all clear yesterday on CD3. Which, oddly enough, included an US on the belly in addition to my old friend from last year, Wandy.  However, it was done here in town (finally a move in my favor). I was the last appointment of the day and worried that the results wouldn't get to the RE on time, but I got a call from the RE's medical assistant while driving from the hospital back to my office, so it must have worked out just fine.

Then, my meds arrived today at the house while I was at work (freaking out about the tracking info that showed my meds hadn't been picked up from the pharmacy...stupid discrepancy with the tracking number, which they changed after they sent me the e-mail with the number)

As if things weren't screwed up enough, my husband had to leave town this morning. So I was left all to myself for my first injection. Several girls at the office offered to come over and do it for me, which was a bit creepy...they were very excited to volunteer...but I sucked it up and did it myself (while laying back on the couch in case I passed out...I'm not scared of needles, but you never know). Then when I was texting my husband to let him know that I had done it, he was emphatically trying to tell me to get someone over to do it for me (he is scared of needles). I don't think he would have been any help had he been here. I must admit that I felt uneducated and unprepared (I had no class or instruction on injections, just a note on what meds to take when), so I just followed the directions that came with the meds. It turned out ok and I didn't even have to google anything.

For my own notes: I've been instructed to take one 2.5 mg tablet of Letrozole/Femara for 5 days (CD 4-8), and one injection of 75 IU Bravelle for 3 non-consecutive days (CD4, CD6, CD8), I have Menopur, which I have been instructed not to use yet, and Novarel for a trigger for later.

Do those meds seem accurate for someone who does ovulate on their own? They said it was a low dose because they don't know how I will respond.


  1. Way to go!!!! I took a video for my first shot - I was freaking shaking and petrified. So proud of you for doing it on your own as well!

    The meds seem fine by me. I don't O on my own, so I did 5 days of Clomid (CD5-9) and 7 days of 75iu of Menopur (CD915) before I finally ovulated. Ended up not needing the Novarel b/c my body magically Ovulated on its own. I can't wait to read how your cycle goes. Praying this is it for you!!!!!

    1. -- here's my video if you want a good laugh : )

  2. Way to go you for doing the injection on your own!! :) I don't know if I would be able to... well unless I had to I suppose! Hoping this cycle is the one for you!!!

  3. Good job! The first stuck is the hardest. If you need more guidance, I think I have a link I some videos in my side bar from village pharmacy. Those are all the instruction I ever had. Good luck! I'm rooting for you every step of the way!

  4. That first stick is the hardest!!! I just had total flashbacks of doing them for the IVF cycle and holy did it suck!! Mind you Ang and I were living with my mom at the time while we waited to move into our house and nobody knew we were doing IVF so we felt like crack addicts hiding in the basement injecting me!!

  5. Yeah, you are on your way. Well done for doing the injection yourself! I truly hope this will work for you.


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