Monday, October 29, 2012

Vlog on second injection

Hey guys!

I just wanted to post real quick, I'm at work and wanted to show you my lovely bruise from my second injection. The camera is better on this computer and easier to use than the one on my home computer. 

Basically, I'm a dunce. I gave myself the first injection on Friday without a problem, no bruise, no pain, no nothing. However, the second injection didn't go as smooth. I was doing the injection and noticed an air bubble in the syringe, I panicked and knew that you weren't supposed to inject yourself with air, so I pulled the syringe out half way through and tapped the syringe to bring the air to the top then forgot to push the plunger to get the air out. I stabbed myself a second time, very near the first injection site and pushed the plunger down injecting myself with air and all. Honestly the air bubble was rather small, but I had to google it. It turns out that for air to be a big problem, you have to inject a lot and have to inject it directly into a vein, my belly fat will not be a problem. All that worry for nothing, and a bruise as a result.

Hope you like seeing my face and hearing my voice as I've included a video below. (let me know if you can't view it, I used the video uploader within blogger to record and upload)


  1. Good video! I thought you'd might want to know that I just had my follie check using the exact same protocol and I had three mature follicles :) I am triggering tonight at 5I am doing a donor sperm IUI tomorrow morning. Good luck with everything! Im rooting for you!

  2. I love all these vlogs! There is nothing better than putting a face (and voice) with blog friends...I may have to be brave and do one too :) Sorry about the bruise. It's pretty nasty! I'm curious to see what the repronex does to me next cycle. Good luck with your last injection! I make J do mine, not because I'm scared, but just because I'm a spaz haha!

  3. LOL...ouch. I shouldn't laugh, but I gotta say, you won't do that again! :) Fun to see/hear you!!!

  4. Ouch is right!!! That is really neat hearing your voice too :) Hope the next injection goes better ;)


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