Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3rd injection

I took my last Letrozole/Fe.mara pill last night and I gave myself my third and final injection of Bravel.le before my follicle scan tomorrow. We are scheduled for 8:30 AM tomorrow November 1st, any bets on when I will actually be seen?

The final injection went much like the first shot but with just a tiny bruise. Not nearly as dramatic as the second injection and not nearly the same size bruise.

Lets all hope for 3 follicles or less!

Has anyone successfully given themselves their own trigger shot? I don't think my husband can do it, but I don't know how I am going to shoot myself in the ass.

I'm so hoping that this cycle will go well, even without a BFP, we will know how I respond to injectable medication. My only side-effect so far is a rip-roaring headache that started yesterday afternoon and has yet to go away.


  1. Fingers crossed for 1-3 great follies in there!! We only had one and I was BUMMED. However, that 1 turned into Stella, so I'll say the cliche to you - "all you need is 1!" :) Can't wait to hear how it's going!

    I ended up not doing the trigger shot b/c my body went all crazy and surged on its own, no help there, sorry. :(

  2. The trigger shots I've done were in my stomach so I always did them. Hope you had good news today!


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