Saturday, November 3, 2012

An uneventful IUI

We had our IUI this morning, and it was uneventful...just like I like for things to be (finally...right?!?!)

I shouldn't say that it was totally uneventful though, because they did a sperm count on the sample (unlike our first 3 IUIs) and we finally got good news...or someone else's sperm (just kidding). The count was up to 225 million post wash in this sample. All previous semen analysis (not done during IUIs) have shown a maximum of 60 million without washing. It looks like the recent issue that my husband had, for lack of a better phrase, "cleared out the pipes!"

I finally have the chance to feel excited and like we might be successful. Which means that, even though we are at the start of the 2 week wait, my mind has had the chance to picture what it might be like to be pregnant, what our guest room might look like as a nursery, and how our six dogs will react to me getting up in the middle of the night to take care of our child.

I am exhausted though, I've had three long days in a row where I had to get up at 5 AM and then be functional and productive all day, so today I took a nap when we got home...a 4 hour nap.  But now that I'm awake, I need to find things to occupy my time and my mind during this 2 week wait. Since I spend a portion of each day in the blogosphere, that means I need all of you guys to write some frequent posts so that I have something to do!

We will be doing a pregnancy test if AF doesn't show by 14 dpo, not having a beta unless the at home test is positive.


  1. Sounds very positive!! Fingers are crossed for you and a success cycle! :)

  2. Fingers crossed xxxxx


  3. Wow - that's awesome news all around!!! An uneventful IUI w/225 million sperm sounds pretty great to me. :) SOOOOO praying that you get those 2 lines just 2 weeks from now. EEEK!!!!!

  4. Uneventful is awesome! And so is that seem count! I will be sending lots of happy baby thoughts to you in the next two weeks.


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