Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cycle cancelled

I'm still waiting for a call from the RE but in all likelihood this cycle will be canceled. I have a residual follicle/cyst from last cycle on my left ovary at 21 mm.

I believe it was the PA who saw me and did my CD3 ultrasound today, but he really didn't introduce himself. I could tell that something was off the second he panned over to my left ovary [cue scary noises] and I saw the big black blob.

The most positive scenerio is that I actually ovulate this follicle early and have a very short cycle. With my currently thin lining due to menstruation, it is unlikely that anything will happen even if I do ovulate. The most negative scenerio is that the follicle becomes cystic and needs to be drained. In actuality it will likely be something in-between that lingers and needs to be monitored and treated with birth control know, just long enough to make a person crazy.

Depending on the outcome, we may decide to go straight into IVF with the next cycle. I think I have Nate on-board with that idea. Actually I alluded to it on the car ride home until he brought it up on his own, then we high-fived on it after having come to the "mutual" decision to go that route.

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  1. BAHAHAH! Okay, that last sentence was awesome. Women rock. :)

    Hoping for an early ovulation to get ride of the damn follie/cyst. MAN, you deserve to have this work in your favor, and SOON!

    Happy thanksgiving. :)


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