Monday, November 26, 2012

He should have said "no"

I'm sort of freaking out here. Not sure why exactly, but it could be that I've googled the phrase "can a cyst on CD3 turn into a pregnancy," and about a million other slight variations, repeatedly since I had my CD3 ultrasound.

I didn't see the RE for the ultrasound on CD3 but rather saw someone who I'm still not sure who he was. I didn't feel comfortable asking all of my questions, but was told that I would receive a call later in the day after they spoke with the RE.

I had asked the guy who did the ultrasound whether or not he thought that a 21.5 mm follicle on CD3 could result in a pregnancy and he said "Maybe." He should have just said "no."

I did get a call from the MA who said that the husband and I should have sex on the days when I experience clear cervical mucous. But she had no further information. She said to call if my period starts or with a positive pregnancy test.

I'm not on birth control pills to control the cyst. I don't know if or when I'll ovulate. I don't know how long it will be before my period.

Help! I'm freaking out!


  1. Oh crap hon - I know nothing about cysts and possible pregnancies. I hope someone else can help you out!

  2. Hello :) If the guy who did the ultrasound was a white male with glasses he is a sonographer that helps Dr. N when he is out. I did an IUI last month too and it was a BFN. We are waiting till Jan to try another IUI so I didn't go back in for a cd3 check. I don't know much about cysts, but I have had them before. I would say that if you do get a +OPK its definitely possible and you can try! If its not too weird I'd like to ask you how long after your trigger did the RE do the IUI? I am concerned with the timing on mine.. we are using donor sperm and I triggered at 5pm on a Monday and had the IUI on Tuesday at 8:30am. So thats roughly 14 hrs. I am concerned thats too early :( Because from what I have read the IUI should be at least 24 if not 36 hrs later because thats when you ovulate. Call me crazy, but I think the timing is way off. I am asking him about it in January and if he tells me something I am not sure about, I am not going through with it and going somewhere else. I have had a lot of problems there, mostly with the staff, but my trust is dwindling.

  3. Hmmm... seems like it'd be pretty darn unlikely to ovulate out of a residual cyst, but I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility! I believe the normal treatment is to do a cycle with BCP, which is why there aren't many people that end up with that result. Still wishing you luck, and hoping it either o's or goes away!

  4. I know nothing about these things. I really hope you can get some good answers to know what's safe or not. What I have heard is BCP are used to control a cyst like you mention. Sorry, not very useful here but hope it goes away by itself.


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