Thursday, November 1, 2012

And we are a go!

I had my follicle scan today.

But only after a scary GPS experience where I was directed to go into Mexico as a "shortcut" to the RE's office...oh how inaccurate "shortcut" is. I was only using the GPS to make sure that I could get to the appointment on time in morning traffic. Long story short, I didn't know that I was on the bridge to Mexico until it was too late to take another exit, I then had to make a 3 point turn at the border patrol crossing in front of about 20 border patrol agents and 100+ cars. Mind you I wasn't really that far off course, you can see into Mexico for the last 10 miles of the drive as you drive along the highway to the office.

Anyway, I got to the office on time, but was locked out because apparently the knob gets hit easily by patients. What doesn't go wrong with my appointments?

I was finally seen for my scan, where I was advised that a resident would be doing the scan. OK, fine, they need to learn, I get it...but he put old Wandy in and proceeded to futz around like he didn't kow what he was looking at.  Even I knew when he was looking at my uterus. Anyhow, the RE came in and in 2 minutes or less, measured my uterus and follicles.

Uterus: 8.3 mm and triple-striped
Follicles: Righty- a few, but all 13 mm or less, Lefty- 21.5 mm, 14 mm, 13, mm

I was advised to take one vial of Meno.pur tonight and do my trigger tomorrow at 5 pm for a Saturday morning IUI. Yay for a Saturday appointment and not taking another day off work!

It looks like I will be doing my trigger shot myself somehow as I will be working at the office that is one hour away from where I live. (it does have to be intramuscular, so a hip/butt injection)


  1. OMG about the shortcut! I would have been freaking out! Glad you were able to make it on time despite that. Woohoo for a Saturday IUI! Let's hope the next time you need time off work it will be for a new reason :) Good luck with the'll have to let us know how that goes.

  2. hahah oh my, that is too funny about the route through Mexico!!

    Good luck with your trigger and this cycle! Fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Yay for follicles!!! Good luck with the trigger - you'll do fine!

  4. Oh wow - a shortcut through Mexico...HAHAHA - NOT cool!

    Good luck with the trigger shot - c'mon FOLLIE!


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