Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I guess that, before now, I didn't know the difference between a Sonohystogram/Hysterosonogram and a Hystereosalpingogram, but I definitely do now!

Yesterday I had to have a Sonohystogram/Hysterosonogram done for the first time. Rather than a Hysterosalpingogram where they inject dye and also different from the Hysteroscopy that I had done while I was under anesthesia. For the Sonohystogram they inject saline solution into your uterus through your cervix and then insert the transvaginal wand to do an ultrasound.


That's probably all I should say, but I feel I must go on!

I am anything but a wimp when it comes to this suff, but I really didn't find the HSG to be painful at all. The recovery from the Laparoscopy, easy-peasy. Both were completed without pain meds, although I was knocked out for the Laparoscopy. However, this Sonohystogram shit ain't for the faint of heart though, that is for sure!

They had to manually dilate my cervix to fit the catheter in. Did you read that? MANUALLY DILATE!!! Like with some metal instrument that MANUALLY DILATES your cervix. Unmedicated...

I was not prepared for this! I actually had second thoughts about going through with IVF if they really needed this procedure to be completed. They didn't have a lighted speculum so although they had manually dilated my cervix, they had to take it all out and REPEAT IT so that they could get the catheter in. I actually asked the doctor to stop at one point, my legs were shaking so bad!

When I got up, there was blood, everywhere, on the giant paper towel they give you, on the giant paper towel you are sitting on, on the floor, and on all the instruments they had used.

I swear that if I have to have that done again, we will give up on future fertility treatments. Or, they are going to have to knock me out for it.


  1. I'm sorry that sucked so bad! It's interesting though- so many people have NO issues with that procedure but the HSG hurts like a sonofabitch... It's so personal which one will be the painful one! FX it's all for a good cause...

  2. I'm sorry it was so uncomfortable, I had a few moments of agony along the way where I was convinced I couldn't want it THAT bad... You can do it- you're brave and it's worth it!!

  3. Ugh. God. That sounds awful. I had an HSG...but now I'm questioning which type. Hm...

    FX you never have to go through that again!!

  4. OMG! That sounds terrible! It is so weird, for me the HSG was so super painful and the SHG wasn't bad at all. But all that blood is crazy and horrible! Hopefully you will never have to have it again!

  5. Oh my gosh, how horrible. Let's hope you won't ever need that again. Ouch.

  6. Holy crap. I remember that. I don't remember which one I had but I do remember the pain and the blood. Ugh...Hoping that's the only time you have to go through that.


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