Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IVF has already started

It didn't occur to me that two weeks ago, when I picked up my prescription for birth control pills and popped one later that day, that it meant that we had officially started IVF.

I have only conversed with Dr. F over the phone twice and only once recently. Even then, I was at a restaurant trying to rapidly take notes on a piece of scrap paper I found in my purse so that I wouldn't forget any details.

...I wrote the details of my IVF on the reminder card for our dog's next grooming appointment...

This also meant that I wasn't able to ask all of my questions either. I have no idea what the protocol is, or what drugs I will be on, or even when I will start. I don't have an idea of what will happen when I get to LV, or whether we will do a day 3 or day 5 transfer. I guess I can ask the questions to the nurse who I will speak with tomorrow. Also I have Dr. F's direct e-mail, but I feel uncomfortable asking questions with so little information to base my questions on.

I have a rough, fuzzy mental outline of how it should go from reading all of your blogs, so I am not overly concerned.

I'm currently trying to keep zen about the whole thing. I trust this Dr. and this clinic to do what is right for me or at least to attempt a best first guess at what will work for me. I am also trying not to worry too much about work and how this will all interfere with work. Work can live without me, my patients can live without me. Who has ever heard of a hearing aid emergency anyway?

I am to call the clinic today to make a final decision on which IVF plan we are going with and we have decided upon the standard IVF plan through the reduced cost "Access" plan. It's a ton of money and I just can't get over the cost of it all, even though it will cost less than I had originally thought. Forking that money over, even by way of a credit card is really, really difficult.


  1. More than likely the transfer day will depend on how many embryos they get, at least that's how U of I decided. My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. Phew, SO exciting!! I'm guessing at your next appointment they'll give you a "schedule" of everything to help you keep it all straight.

    Also, I agree with Bridget - most RE's seem to decide on Day3 or Day5 transfers at the last minute depending on the # of embryos and quality.

    So exciting that you're on this path, even though it totally sucks how expensive it is. :(


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