Sunday, January 20, 2013

IVF is boring (maybe pics of Tuscon help)

I really thought that finally getting to do IVF would be fantastic and exciting. While I am excited, I wouldn't call the process exciting. There has only been one thing that was even remotely exciting but was actually rather frustrating. That was the process of trying to get my meds on time before going on a business trip this weekend. And that's not even worth going into detail about.

I received my calender a few weeks ago and technically my cycle started last Wednesday with Lupron. I'm also taking a daily steroid as well as my daily birth control pill. I thought it would be a good time to update today.

Today was my last birth control pill, I continue the Lupron and the steroid this week and regardless of a period or not, I go for a CD 3 baseline ultrasound locally on Thursday. If I get the all clear I start the rest of the meds, ie Follistim and Menopur next week.

I'm a freaking champ at giving myself injections now. I hope that the Follistim goes as well as the Lupron and I've done Menopur before so that should be just fine. I'm even stretching and getting good at yoga to be able to give myself the HCG trigger and the Progesterone shots in the butt. Just kidding, I'm not stretching, but I do think that I could do the shots myself if I had to.   

I just got back from a trip for training to Tucson. It was interesting to room with a co-worker and explain why I had to give myself an injection each morning as well as what that injection was because I had to keep the Lupron in the mini fridge in the room. She knows we're doing fertility treatments as she is one of the front office staff who do my scheduling.

I'm trying (unsuccessfully, I believe) to convince everyone that I am going to Las Vegas for 2 weeks just to consult with the doctor and not actually to do IVF. I just don't want to have to tell them about early pregnancy. I would like one thing to be normal and I'd like for that to be the ability to tell them if/when we are around 12 weeks, not the day after I find out myself. 

I alternate between extremely hopeful for this cycle as well as cautiously optimistic.  I want this to work, I don't want to do fertility treatments anymore. I want to be pregnant and parent and the like. However, I know it might not happen. I know we might have to prepare for a FET or even another IVF. It's just me being realistic, but I'm keeping that at the forefront of my mind, rather than in the back.

I'll update you guys on Thursday, if not before about how things are going. But I thought I'd leave you with some photos from my trip.

Fuzzy iphone photo at a Mexican Restaurant where I thought that the ceiling lights were cool

Pulled pork tacos at said Mexican restaurant

Koi fish (approx 2-3 feet long) in the pond at the hotel

Me in front of a Saguaro cactus at the hotel, This was the best photo due to glare, but unfortunately, I'm standing awkwardly


  1. Phew, that calendar is amazing!! You are on your way. :) Good luck convincing your work that it's just a consult!

  2. So excited for you! Folli.stim is pretty easy- my only suggestion is not injecting it while its still super chilled from the fridge. I found that the injection site would itch a bit right after he injection- just be prepared!

  3. Oh my, those tacos look divine. And you have your calendar, that is so exciting. Scary, but so exciting.

  4. The calendar makes it so real!! Excited for you!


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