Thursday, January 31, 2013

IVF, still a "go"

As far as I know, we are still set to go for IVF. I had my baseline ultrasound last Thursday here in town, and this wouldn't be my story if it had actually gone off without a hitch.

When I spoke with SIRM at the beginning of my cycle, they told me that if I didn't hear back from them the day after my baseline ultrasound (Friday) to call the following business day (Monday) to find out if I was ok to start stim meds (Tuesday). I didn't hear from anyone on Friday, so I called on Monday and they said they never got the reports from the ultrasound or the bloodwork. So on Tuesday morning before work I ran over to the hospital and got a copy of the lab work as well as the print out from the ultrasound, no report, and scanned and sent them myself. I was relieved to receive an almost immediate response that I was good to start meds that night.

I have been on Lupron shots now for nearly 2 weeks, as well as dexamethasone (steroid pill). I take these in the morning in addition to my pre-natal vitamin, prescription folic acid and selenium (to help with the anti-thyroid antibodies from my Hashimoto's). I also take my Synthroid pill each night before bed. On Tuesday and Wednesday I added Follistim injections to the mix, which I inject right after dinner. Today I add Menopur, which I can take anytime in the PM. I will probably do it right after the Follistim.

I'm over giving myself injections, it's no biggie, just second nature now. I can't imagine having to rely on the husband to give me all of these injections, it's just easier to do it myself. I can also do it without giving myself huge bruises. Only one bruise to speak of from the Lupron 2 days ago, I think I was too close to my naval and have a bruise the size of a dime that is now fading.

My travel plans are also in place. I fly to LV on Sunday and have an appointment on Monday (unknown time) for a scan and some bloodwork. My parents should be driving in from LA sometime that day to spend a week or so with me. Nate will fly in right before retrieval, as soon as we know when that will be. We will be staying at the Luxor Hotel on the strip. It was cheap and everything we could want should be within walking distance. Might as well stay on the strip if I'm paying to go there. It will mean taxi rides to appointments though, unless my parents are there when I need a ride. I'm not looking forward to riding in a cab post-anesthesia after egg retrieval though.

It will be interesting to fly with medication and needles and syringes. I've googled TSA regulations and think I know the procedure. Has anyone else had to fly during treatment? How did it go traveling with all your supplies?


  1. If you're not expecting it, the Menopur can burn. Try icing the site for 5 min beforehand, or at the very least, exhale as you're doing the injection. It'll take most of the sting out. Don't worry, it's not bad.

  2. I'm glad to hear it's still a go! I haven't had to travel with needles and meds, but I hear that it is good to get a doctor's note from your RE.

  3. Hooray for starting stims! Yes, I echo the Menopur burn...I found that if it's injected really slowly, the burn isn't as bad. Good luck! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you!

  4. Best of luck with everything! Hope there won't be any trouble travelling with the meds.


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