Sunday, December 4, 2011

A shit day all around

Today has just been total shit... Here's the play by play

12:30 AM Wake to Iris the dog growling/howling at the top of her lungs because Kush the dog has a seizure, he has been having them on and off and we had previously decided not to medicate him, I think we are changing our minds, sooth him and let him sleep in the bed (a once in a lifetime occurrence around our house)

8:00 AM Get up and go to the bathroom to POAS, hadn't tested since the trigger wore off at 11 DPO. Didn't need to POAS, AF came in full force, leave the bathroom to find that Iris has chewed/licked the crotch out of underwear left on the floor (not the pair I had on that night, H just left sorted laundry all over the floor so that it could be washed today)

8:30 AM-12 noon Clean whole house from top to bottom including doing many loads of laundry (minus the toilets, just didn't feel like it) and manage to pull something in my lower back, the medicine I already took for cramps helped but not fast enough

12:30 PM Get lectured by H that I didn't make it to the gym yet. When I woke up and found AF I informed him that I've turned a corner in my going to the gym and that I'd meet him there at 8:30 (I didn't go)

1:00 PM Forced to exercise at the house and be trained by H (yes he is a personal trainer, and no I don't like to use his services- ie, he was sort of proud that he made his client throw up this morning) in his office while he writes a paper for school, further irritating my back

1:45 PM Get lectured by H about going to the acupuncturist for a consultation, he doesn't want me to spend money on something I might not follow through on. (Yes, I'm kind of a slacker sometimes and I do know that we are in a bit of debt from all the medical stuff that has happened over the last 3-5 months). Argue with H that I don't want to take a break from TTC because I don't want to be 40 and still trying to have kids (yes, I know I'm only 28 now, I was just trying to make a point), argue about adoption...etc, etc, etc

2:15 PM Cut the holy fucking crap out of my right calf while shaving my legs in the shower (haven't had an incident like this since I first started shaving and shaved off half the skin on my shin), proceed to bleed all over everything in the bathroom to include all of the white towels and then freak the fuck out of H because he thinks I might be dying.

2:45 PM Head to LC (an hour away) for the acupuncture appointment and call to confirm 15 minutes into the drive only to find out that she didn't reserve the time for me because I never officially confirmed the appointment. Have to reschedule for 2 weeks as I can only get to her on the weekends and she is/will come in on a weekend just for me.

3:00 PM Return home and crash on the couch to avoid anything else going bad today

5:00-8:30 PM Basically write paper for husband Help H write paper because he won't fucking stop nagging me about how hard it is to write a damn 10 page paper on a topic he knows nothing about (and I don't either for that matter)

9:00 PM Write this blog post and officially call it a day in hopes that tomorrow will be better



  1. Oh Michele!

    I'm so sorry this cycle didn't work out for you :(

    You seriously just had one of the crappiest days I've read in a long time. Wish you weren't in the middle of nowhere and had somebody to have a big glass of wine with tonight. Hoping you have a good sleep tonight...

  2. Oh crap all around! Hope today is better. Sorry this cycle was negative, how frustrating.

  3. UGh, what a craptastic shitshow of a day. :( So sorry about the BFN (and sorry your hubby doesn't understand the emotional toll that takes on a girl). If you cleaned all morning, I'd totally have counted that as a workout anyway - especially if you pulled your back doing it. YIKES. Take care of yourself girl.

    I still think that talking to the acupuncturist is a good idea, and if you connect with this lady, you WILL follow through with it, so don't worry about that!

    Hang in there hon...

  4. Ugh. I'm sorry you had a craptastic day. Maybe getting all this in one day means you are in for a couple of great days in the near future? I know, it doesn't work that way...but it would be nice if it did.

  5. Yea, I'd say that is a shit sorry on so many levels. Thinking of CAN get back up on the horse. TTC is so stressful to a marriage.

  6. On another making is super hard on a marriage. Make sure you take time for each other during during the month (especially on the days where "getting it on" isn't on the to do list.

    One thing I learned through the craptastic two years we've had is that guys really DO care...they just show it in a totally different way than we do. It's a venus/mars thing for sure.

  7.'ve been nominated for an award! :)

  8. Hey sweetie, I hope your days are better...keep your head up. Remember you're not alone

  9. I am so sorry for the fucked up day you had, and especially for the BFN in the middle of it. i really am. Big, big (((hugs)))


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