Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 was strictly or the birds

So although 2011 was a great and successful year for many of my bloggy friends, it was a total wash for us here in NM.

It was our first full year of TTC (although 2010 was nearly a full year, only a month off).

It was discovered that I had thyroid issues, that still weren't resolved by the end of the year.

I had my first fertility treatments and found out that they were a long shot and that we probably need IVF.

I stayed nearly the same weight for the entire year.

We still have no baby.

I do, however, remember having some new years resolutions last year. I think these were the best things to come out of 2011.

"I will refrain from telling people to go kick rocks when they tell me they think I should just relax": I have taken the direct approach, when people tell me to relax and that it will happen, I say that we have medical problems that prevent it and that we are seeing a specialist for IF.-so in general Success!

"I will not give the stink eye as often to people whom in public can't keep their kids from pulling things down from the shelf, screaming at the top of their lungs, and just in general being pains in the ass": I'll tell you flat out that at this point I'm jealous of all parents who have children regardless of their behavior. I'm not a sad infertile and I don't get sad that other people have children and I don't. Their success is not my failure. -Again, relative success!

"I will still be polite to any friends and acquaintances who inform me that they are pregnant (and got that way within the first few months of trying)": I lucked out that this only happened once to a co-worker and his wife who are pregnant with their 4th child, it was expected and I didn't over react in any way.- Yah-whoo for me!

"I will not kick and scream when we get poor results on any medical testing done this year": I think I'm typically rather even keeled and don't over react, I just take everything in stride and know that eventually it will happen for us, one way or another-This one was pretty easy!

"I will not resolve to get pregnant by the end of the year. That seems like I would be setting my sights too high and setting myself up for disappointment. However, if I should happen to become pregnant this year, I resolve to be ecstatic about it!!!": I'm glad I didn't make a resolution for this this year, because I would obviously have been disappointed-I'm not sure if this counts either way!

So, I guess I'll make a few resolutions for this year, 2012:

I resolve to stick to a workout plan and my Weekly Wednesday Weigh-ins until I reach my goal, regardless of how long it takes. If I have no baby still by the end of the year, at least I will look damn sexy.

I resolve to be fiscally minded when shopping and to do what I can to save money for fertility treatments/a future baby.

I resolve to read more books and watch less TV.

I resolve to finish the craft/DIY projects I start around the house.

I resolve to help my husband to reach his personal and financial goals this year.

I guess that's it!

Happy 2012 everyone! and as another blogger friend said "2011 can piss off"!

Side note: we spent the last 4 days with Nate's family in C-Springs and just got back, I read all of your posts, but haven't had the chance to comment, I'm just back in NM and have to catch up on work.


  1. Glad you've got a plan in place for the coming months ;)

    I agree...2011 can piss right off!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the quote.....use it as often as necessary!! But 2012 is our just is. Xoxo

  3. I think you did pretty awesome on your 2011 resolutions!! I hope 2012 is the year you become a mom...

  4. 2012 has got to be your year!!! I am hoping and praying for you :)

  5. Cheers for the New Year, hope it brings you closer to your dreams. oh, and a body to envy by everyone else!


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