Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Starting Week 7

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OK, I'm a little frustrated that my weight isn't shifting. I've actually done very good this week. I worked out 4 times. I let my husband train me twice, I took a yoga class, and I ran my mile in the time I shot for. I also had the runs all day yesterday which didn't help at all with weight loss. I guess I could have done more, but we also at at home all week except for lunch on Friday when I had a salad.

I guess I just need to keep it up and create more of a deficit to actually lose the weight. On a high note though, my weight did stay pretty stable as I weighed myself throughout the week (rather than swinging wildly each day making my WWW totally unpredictable). I hope to see 140 by next Wednesday so that I actually have something to show for all my work.

We are also shutting off our cable TV this week. They are raising our rates and we only watch a few shows regularly anyway. I figure that at $75 a month, we could buy all the shows we want to watch on itunes if we can't get them on the network's website. This will save us the $90 a month they are raising our rate to, the $15 a month we pay for tivo and also motivate me to go to the gym, walk the dogs and work on my fish system. 

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal. (BMI info from this website)

Starting weight: 145        
Last Week's Weight: 141
Current Weight: 141 (no change from last week and -4 overall, 16 lbs to goal)   
Goal Weight : 125       

Starting BMI: 26.5
Last Week's BMI: 25.8
Current BMI: 25.8 (still "overweight")
Goal BMI: 18.5-24.9 or exactly 22.9 for goal weight

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals.

Progress on last week's activities:

1. Time my mile and get it down to 12:00 that means a pace of 5.0 miles an hour: I did this, Yay!
2. See if I can go 3.75 miles in an hour with a combo of walking/running: probably could have kept going after my mile run to see where I got to on this one
3. Find an alternative for drinking soda at work: I have been taking a bottle of Lip.ton Diet green tea with citrus to work each day and after the tea is gone, I fill it with water and drink that. Since last Wednesday I have only had 2 sodas, time to make that none for this week.
4. Try a new vegan recipe: I want to try Donor Diva's Lentilleekie soup, it sounded so good!
5. Allow Nate to train me for 2 days at the gym: Yay, Accomplished!
Activities for this coming week: (the more activities I attempt, the more I am likely to achieve)
1. Time my mile and run it at 12:00 that means a pace of 5.0 miles an hour
2. See if I can go 3.75 miles in an hour with a combo of walking/running: following the mile I run for #1
3. No soda for an entire week
4. Try a new vegan recipe
5. Allow Nate to train me for 2 days at the gym.

3. Try to motivate others to join in on trying to lose weight

We got a new one!!!!!
Jenn @ Adventures of The Nomadic Housewife who is post partum

Bloggers I follow that are participating:
Josey (of course) @ My Cheap Version of Therapy who is post partum
Gee @ GeeBaby who is relatively new to blogging
Bridget @ The Lost Stork who is post partum
Donor Diva @ Donor Diva: Mother via Egg Donation who is trying for #2
Holly G @ Holly G and Co. who is post partum after #2

4. Post a (reasonably healthy) recipe that I've tried, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out for people to try, a photo update of my weight loss, or anything else I feel like sharing.

OK, I found this recipe on Pin.terest and it was soo good, in fact I'm making it again tonight.

In a crockpot, mix one can of, one can of drained and rinsed black beans, one can of corn (or the equivelant in frozen corn) one block of cream cheese (low fat), 4 chicken breasts (can be frozen but will take longer to cook), cook in crockpot for 4-5 hours if chicken was thawed, more like 6 hours if chicken was frozen. Stir occasionally, or add cream cheese later if you can't stir it occasionally. 
When done cooking, pull out chicken and use 2 forks to pull it apart, in essence shredding it. Add it back to the mixure, add the cream cheese (if you didn't before). You can melt the cheese a bit in the microwave or simply cover the crock put and it will melt in slowly, make sure it is combined with all of the ingredients.
I find that frozen chicken makes the mix more soupy, so I like to use thawed chicken if possible.

Serve over brown rice, or with brown rice in a wheat tortilla as a burrito.

I think I might be in love!


  1. I think you had a great week! You're right - stable weight means you're eating healthy. Mine swings wildly. :P

    That recipe looks great - I'm totally going to try it!

    I wish I could talk my hubby into cutting off the DirecTV - we spend $120-150/mo b/c of the sports packages. It's freakin' ridiculous. :P

  2. I have started to try to work out again. Ugh it's so hard. Especially here in the NE because it's so cold and dark and dreary. I have no motivation.

    We would also turn off our cable except for (like Josey) my husband. It's the sports that keeps us from doing it.


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