Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Lupus!!!

I had my Rheumatologist appointment this morning.

He told me that I don't have lupus.

He said something about mathematical odds like 1 in 20 people who don't have lupus will test positive for it and that only 1 in 2000 people in the general population have it. Some how that adds up to the fact that my thyroid problems and hormone modification due to probably triggered the test to be positive. He did some more bloodwork (these vampires these days, I tell ya) and some x-rays of my hands and feet (not sure about this one, something about early changes from lupus) and told me if these things said different from his original assumptions he will let me know.

I swear I was trying to pay attention to all the details, but once the words "not lupus" came out, my brain kind of shut off from the relief.

So let's all have a little party now, shall we? I'll be bringing the spinach artichoke dip. This is the first good news I've had in a while! 

Side Note: I have my first official RE appointment scheduled for April, 30th.

Second Side Note: I'm thinking about squeezing in an IUI or two in the meantime, just for good measure. Opinions?


  1. Great news on the no Lupus! I think trying an IUI or two is a good idea. It makes the time go by faster :)

  2. Awesome news!! I'd definitely do IUI's - Good Luck!!

  3. MMMMMmm, I LOOVE Spinach artichoke dip!


    I'd do the IUIs if I was you, if they aren't too cost prohibitive!

  4. Hooray! That is so much good news all in one post- I love it! I'd probably do the IUIs if it were me. Something about feeling like you're doing something makes it easier, and it would be great for your RE to see a chart full of fertility related treatment/testing when you see them. Maybe that will help things move a little more quickly once you get in with them!

  5. Yay for no lupus!!!

    I'd say, only do the IUIs if you really feel like you have the money. Success rates for IUI over trying naturally are just shockingly, shockingly low, there's barely a difference.

  6. I am so happy for you!! What a relief! I say go for the IUI's if you can!

  7. What a relief! I'm so glad to hear some good news.

  8. Your chance of success with an IUI is only 7% or so. So do them if you think you can take it...but if it is going to stress your mind and body...don't.

    This is wonderful news!!! You bring the dip, I'll bring tequila!! Ole! :)

  9. What a relief - And don't do the IUI if it's just going to add extra stress.

    Lavonne @ *Our Wish*

  10. Hey Michele! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding people who have a journey similar to mine!
    I am so happy you don't have lupus!
    Like others have said, only do the IUI if it is not gonna stress you out.
    Looking forward to following your story!

  11. Yay!!! So glad your test results came back negative!!!!

    Nothing like an iui to pass the time ;)

  12. YAY--a no lupus par-tay!

    LOVE spinach artichoke dip. OH my.

  13. Yay for no lupus! I study how to fix it (And RA) for a living, its a bloody unpleasant thing.

    I highly, highly recommend that both you and your husband get checked fr your vitamin D3 levels. Recently its come to light that a large % of people with autoimmune-based conditions and fertility issues and many other disease states (Diabetes, PCOS, mental health issues, pain syndromes) are deficient, and in many, many cases, increasing your vitamin D levels to a normal range really helps. More info on my blog, if you are interested.

    Best of luck with this process!

    Jay, ICLW #13

  14. So glad you don't have lupus! That's awesome!

    And, yay, for having an RE appointment scheduled! It would be awesome if you got a positive before then :).

    ICLW #97


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