Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's up next?

These types of post have been labeled TVT, the leftovers, and bullet point posts by others, but in general, here is the junk that doesn't all fit into one cohesive post.

Not that anybody cares about the play by play when you're not cycling, but here's what's on my plate in the near future:

Had 2 month (after my initial endocrinologist appt) blood draw for thyroid. TSH came up at 3.11, I want it lower, the endocrinologist wants it lower, so he will be upping my dose from 75 micrograms to 88 micrograms. Who ever heard of a dose of 88 micrograms?

I have my rheumatologist appointment next week on the 23rd to see what's up and if I have lupus or not and what we can do, hopefully there is something he can do. Can they do something for lupus if your only symptom is infertility?

In the meantime, I've asked my GP doctor if he can have me checked for NK cell activation, he put the order on paper, but I'm having trouble getting it. I can't get there when they are open. They haven't been able to successfully fax it to me, so Nate is going to pick it up today and I'm going to have it drawn tonight so that I can hopefully have the results before the 23rd. Everything else is f'd up with my auto-immune system, who wants to take bets on NK cell activation?

I saw my gyno for my routine pap, it was normal. YAY! As it has been abnormal in the past, I feel great when it does come back normal now, I know most people don't really worry about this, but I do now. I asked him if it was worth going to an RE yet, but he said that he wanted to wait until after my next endocrinologist appt and my rheumatologist appointment. I was ok with this at the time of the appointment, but I called him on Monday and asked for a referral so that I can get a second opinion. I should be able to pick up the referral form next week and it is for a doctor in El Paso, TX who is an RE. I'll make an appointment for the soonest time available after I finally get the referral. This may not be the RE we go with but it feels nice that I'll finally be able to see one. Can we all say f'n finally????


  1. The thyroid meds are really odd amounts - I was at 137 mcg for a very long time and thought it was so strange.

    I want to throw a little party every time I get a normal pap back. Abnormal = unfun.

    Congrats on the referral :)

  2. I am so happy to hear you're going to see an RE. Just another set of eyes looking at the puzzle and maybe finding the missing piece! Also, I agree thyroid medication comes in the weirdest doses. Hopefully the increase will get you just a little lower into that sweet spot for ttc. And by the way, once I got under 2.5 the weight was melting off of me with little effort- I had a lot more to lose than you, but it was very encouraging to see the scale start moving after having such a hard time with it.

  3. You can never have too many opinions... and there's no harm in seeing what the RE says, along with your other specialists. I regret that we waited so long to see our RE/FS :( Hope you get answers that will bring you closer to your dream bub xoxo

  4. Good luck with your appointments!!What makes them think you have lupus if you don't mind me asking?? I've had several losses and each time I get odd skin stuff going on.. They will not test for Lupus until I've had 3... Just curious, because my husband and I have wondered about this. Best of luck :)

  5. Having a plan helped me so much!! I'm glad you're getting things moving!

  6. Hello :) I was getting a headstart on ICLW browsing and saw your blog title about NM I live near by and my husband works in NM a lot, so I clicked to read more. I just read this post and was surprised to see you will be traveling to El Paso to see an RE, because thats where I live :) And since there is only one RE in El Paso who does IVF I am betting it's mine! Best of luck and if you ever want to chat, I am happy to do so!


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