Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

We had a crazy Easter weekend this year, so I thought I'd tell the story.

On Thursday night, we went to the pet store in town to pick up some dog food. They were having an adoption event for a new rescue in town. They had 9-10 dogs and one of them just stood out to me, she was a terrier mix, she looks like a small black pitbull with grey whiskers all over her face. I asked about her and was told that she was taken from animal control and put into the rescue but that they don't know her history at all.

We asked about how their rescue works and it is basically just out of foster homes. Those dogs that don't have foster homes get boarded at a local kennel that the rescue pays for. We told them that we were interested in fostering the terrier mix but were told that she already had a foster home. So we left on the promise that we would think about fostering another dog.

We then went to the sporting good store next door to look at shoes but found nothing and left after a few minutes to walk to our car. The guy from the rescue came flying out of the store yelling for us. He told us that the family fostering the terrier mix was willing to take another dog if we were willing to foster her.

We agreed, signed the papers and left with Leila. We were told that there was going to be another event on Sunday and that they might need Leila for it.

Sunday rolls around and we get a call at about 10:30 that they do need Leila, we were in the middle of getting ready to go to an Easter picnic in the park and were going to take Leila to see if anyone at the party was interested in adopting her. I was still doing my hair and makeup and Nate was threatening to take her by himself, but I wanted to say goodbye to the sweet dog and wanted to go with. He said he would wait.

When I was done getting ready, he was on the phone with the guy from the rescue. I thought there was something wrong. That they didn't need her after all and that we could take her to the park.

I was wrong, he was arranging for us to adopt her. The guy who doesn't want 5 dogs arranging for us to adopt a 6th.

We had to turn in her collar and leash and buy new ones at the store as well as sign some papers.

We took her in and as soon as we got there, I recognized one of the other dogs that was available for adoption that day.

It was Lexi.

Lexi is my friend Mary's boyfriend's old dog. We watched her for a year while he was in Iraq (before he knew Mary). When he got back, he said that he didn't want her. That he couldn't take care of her and was going to take her to the animal shelter (which is NOT no-kill). We agreed to keep her until we could find a home for her.

A friend and his wife took her and treated her like their baby. They took her everywhere and bought her everything she needed. When they both got stationed in Japan, we were told that they found a good home for her and we didn't need to take her back.

That's when the story gets lost, because we don't know who she ended up with, we just know from the rescue that she was found tied up and left at the dog park.

Lexi is a good dog. She is sweet and friendly towards other dogs and is house trained. However, has anxiety and when she is left alone (who can blame her), she chews on her legs and paws until they are raw and red.

Lexi has been with the rescue for a year now and is known as Jessie to them. She has been with the same foster family the whole time, and this family is one of the people who runs the rescue. She is loved and well cared for, but needs a permenant home. We told the rescue her history as far as we knew it. We told them about the surgery to remove the head of her femur when she broke her hip. We told them of the intestinal difficulties we know she needs medicine for. We told them that we think she is about 4 or 5.

Unfortunately, we couldn't adopt them both.

We decided to adopt Leila as we had already agreed to, not Lexi. But, I am actively trying to find a home for Lexi.

Meet the newest member of the family...

Leila's in the middle, don't let her fool you, she the biggest of the 3 in the picture


  1. Oh my goodness what a cutie!! I can't believe you got another dog!

  2. Congrats on the new addition to your family! I would love to adopt a couple dogs, unfortunately our cat does not get along with any other animals. My Mom and I adopted him when we were living in a no dogs, allowed one cat apartment.

  3. What an adorable dog :)) Wonderful news about having another one in your family... wish we could adopt dogs... such a lovely idea xoxo

  4. Oh wow! what a weekend you guys had. Glad to hear you are taking on another rescue. I'm working on it but hubby is not as convinced yet.Hope she settles in well with the other dogs.


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