Thursday, April 5, 2012

I apparently don't get enough sun...

...or milk
...or orange juice
...or anything that contains vitamin D.

I guess my visit to the rheumatologist wasn't all for naught. Their medical assistant is calling in a prescription for vitamin D for me...apparently I'm deficient. Who knew?

I guess this all just points to the fact that I should have seen an RE a long time ago who would have searched for all of these things that I'm finding out individually from individual providers.

Lesson learned.

If you haven't been to an RE yet and are struggling, don't wait any longer.

From a quick internet search, I found that vitamin D deficiency can lead to:

Bone loss
...and lots of other nasty shit.

Learn from my mistake, demand to be seen by an RE after 1 year of infertility, don't let your primary care doc or gyno blow you off, you have the right to a second opinion!

Side note: does anybody else have vitamin D deficiency, what was your experience with it and infertility?


    Jay often writes about VitD - cjeck out her blog!

  2. When I started this IF journey my primary care doc discovered I was lacking in Vit D (in the single digits!). Now that I am back at almost normal (took over a year) my hair is growing in (never realized it was so thin), I lose weight more easily, sleep better and have more energy. Good luck!

  3. I've had Vit D deficiency and on supplements too.... sorry that your PCP and gyno didn't find out for you earlier... so frustrating that some healthcare providers aren't more IF aware... but I was told by our RE that it's not so much a cause of IF but something that is helpful to have in the normal range xoxo

  4. I was also deficient in vitamin D - they had me take 50,000 IU pill once weekly for 8 weeks and then 2000 IU every day. I definitely think its had a major impact on our IF issues - since starting that (and Metformin), I now have normal cycles every month. Plus I haven't been sick (knock on wood) since starting it. I think there are definite benefits to taking it.

  5. 2nd opinion....something I should have considered :p

    Hindsight right?

  6. I also have a vit d deficiency and take 2000 a day...but I'm not convinced it is enough. What amount were you told to take?

  7. Hmm...maybe I should get my vit D checked.


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