Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flying with meds

So I made it through security just fine and am sitting at the El Paso airport 2 hours before my flight because I was unnecessarily concerned. This 2 hour wait is longer than my flight! Thus, I'm blogging from my phone.

They did pull out the ice packs I had in a lunch box with my follistim, lupron, and progesterone suppositories, but the gave them back as they were still frozen solid as TSA requires. I don't know what I'm going to do on the way back. I guess I'll pack the ice packs in my checked luggage, but I don't know what I'll use to keep the progesterone cold on the way back. Must come up with something...I'm taking suggestions through next week when I have to fly back. All my other meds, needles and syringes were fine.

On another note, I made a mistake when booking my flight I had intended to book it for today, I thought I had booked it for today; but I got a call yesterday saying that the second leg of my flight was delayed, the second leg of the flight that was scheduled to be on for yesterday...oops, missed my flight...

No big deal, I called the airline and rescheduled for a flight today...yes it was a $100 mistake, yes I had to tell my husband a white lie to cover my ass, yes I feel horrible about it, but there was no major freak out, and if its the only thing that goes wrong...I'll take it!

I go for my first scan tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed everyone! Can I put any money on any color or number for anyone, or should I just save all my luck for IVF and sit by the pool (if it is warm enough)?


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  1. Good luck! You are literately sitting 5 mins from me, as I work 5 mins from the airport, lol. So i will send your very good luck vibes since you may very well feel them! I am jealous you are going to Vegas and having IVF by the way ;)

  2. For the progesterone on the way back- try to grab a ziploc baggie or something, and just get ice from the ice machine at the airport :) OR! Re-freeze the ice packs in the mini fridge in your hotel room.

    Best of luck!

  3. If nobody's told you yet, make sure you go swimming now. They told me not to go swimming for a while after my retrieval b/c they don't want to run the risk of any infection.

    Good luck with your cycle!

  4. Thinking about you this week!!!

  5. Ugh, bummer about the flight, but I'm glad you got it straightened out without too much hassle. Can you just re-freeze the ice pack in your mini-fridge in the hotel room?


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