Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 weeks

How is it possible that I am six weeks pregnant. Also, how is it possible that I missed 5 weeks without it really dawning on me.

Oh sure I knew I was 5 weeks, but it didn't occur to me to do a post or anything like that. I did take a picture of my non-existent/just chub bump, on approximately 5 weeks 4 days, which is 3 days ago...shhhhh...don't tell anyone because I may post that pick here and label it 5 weeks. Which means that I should probably take a picture today if I'm going to do this weekly. Shoot, I've already messed this up...

Anyway, I signed up for one of those apps for pregnancy that gives you an article and an item from a checklist to try to do each day. I felt stupid downloading it, I feel dumber reading it, yet I'm addicted. Now they send me e-mails too. I feel so asinine because I don't really feel pregnant. It doesn't seem real. I'd finally gotten to the thinking that we may be one of the few who never get pregnant. I think that a heartbeat and a bump will do it for me, push me over the edge into really believing. Ultrasound is next Wednesday, 6 days and counting.

Until then, an update on the symptoms:

The chicken feet have all but disappeared, I switched from and over-the-counter prenatal vitamin to a prescription prenatal. It was on my IVF calender and the clinic called the prescription in to the local pharmacy, but it took several days after my positive blood test for them to get it in. I think that this vitamin must have something I was lacking, more chicken feet!!!! Yay!!!

I can't tell if I have "the sickness". I get hungry throughout the day, like empty stomach, must eat now, starving kind of hungry. Usually I have something I can eat immediately/soon and then I feel fine. No true nausea and no vomiting.

Breast tenderness is still there, but I'm still taking progesterone intramuscularly and via suppository. By the way, I don't think you ladies who have done this before have actually complained enough about PIO shots. In the beginning, I didn't bruise or really feel the shots. Now they pinch to go in, leave a welt and half the time a bruise. I have a giant knot on both butt cheeks that seems rather permanent.  On the surface of each knot is either a bruise or a large numb patch. This numb patch is deceiving. I have had Nate give me the shot in the numb patch just to find out that the area just under the skin is bruised. By then it is too late and I just have to suck it up. Really it's not that bad, I don't mind needles, shots, blood draws, it just doesn't bother me. However, we are at 4 weeks of nightly shots in the ass...this shit get old...Really, I know I shouldn't complain, I'd do just about anything, literally anything to make this work!

I also have a pooch. And no I don't mean one of our six dogs. I have developed a teeny tiny little bump just below my underwear line. You can't quite see it yet, but you can feel it, and it seems larger each day. I hope that the bump envelops the chub roll above it as it continues to grow. I can't wait to be cleared to go to the gym. I probably could do some exercise, but I'm afraid to do anything but walking and a little bit of recumbent biking at the gym. I go for about a half hour every other night, it's not enough to even make me tired.

And finally, I'm not getting enough sleep. I have to pee once each night and when I do get up, I have trouble falling back asleep. I have never had trouble sleeping in my life. Lights out has always meant lights out for me. However, this does mean that when the alarm goes off in the morning, after I have fallen back asleep, I'm up for the day. 6:30 AM every day. No more snoozing. I get so much more done in the morning when I wake up on time!

How's life for the rest of you? I feel like there has been so much less posting going on!


  1. How did I not realize you had Hashimoto's? I do as well. I wanted to say congrats on the 6 weeks and to confirm your symptoms! I had the same "going to die if I don't eat" thing at week 5....and it lasted a week. Then the nausea was so bad for the next 7 weeks it required medication. Hopefully you just stay in the hungry stage! I also had to keep doing the pio shots, until 9 weeks, and the same painful lumpiness happened to me. In fact, I'm about 17 weeks and those two spots on my butt still hurt. I'm guessing there was more permanent muscle damage. And I also couldn't fall back asleep after I got up! All of these are good, normal signs!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe you're 6 weeks already!!
    I agree with the commenter above - I was HUNGRY at first, and then 6w4d I was suddenly nauseous (puking 5x/day) for the next 7 weeks, and I was on the highest dose of zofran. No fun! Hopefully that doesn't happen to you, and you're just one of those ppl whose bodies handle pregnancy beautifully. :)

    We didn't do PIO - did the suppositories (until 10w maybe?). Sorry you're so sore. :(

  3. Hey! wooohoooo!!!!!!!! It happened!!!!!!! I am so happy for you:)



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