Thursday, March 14, 2013

7 weeks

Can you believe I'm at 7 weeks today? I can't!

Things are still going well over in these parts.

I had my ultrasound yesterday and although I was excited and meant to post, I decided to just include it in today's post. There is in fact a baby in there. A baby that has a heartbeat. A little blurry thing on a screen that can be measured and seen. A heartbeat that the US tech made flash pink and found to be at 103 beats per minute.

It makes this all feel sort of real.

The symptoms are still at a minimum. Breast tenderness has subsided slightly. Nausea has stayed at bay. Increased hunger is still there. It's seriously like snicker's hungry. The I must eat right this instant or I'm going to snap someone's neck in half. There was one day this week where I felt hungover all day, slight headache, minimal nausea, hunger but no desire to eat, just in general feeling of being off all day.

The weight gain is annoying at this point. I don't feel like I should be gaining weight yet. However, I put on several pounds while in Las Vegas and have since put on 3 more since the positive test. I'm still on restriction for exercise including no impact movements, no vigorous movements, and no lifting more than 10 lbs. So essentially no exercise. I could walk, but I do walk around most of the day at work. For now, I do several squats each night and small arm circles. I'd have to flap around for hours for it to make any actual difference though. I'm hoping to be released from this restriction at the next appointment.

2 more weeks until we go back for a growth ultrasound. At yesterday's ultrasound I was 6 weeks 6 days. She took multiple measurements and averaged them and the crown to rump length (CRL) put me at 6 weeks 4 days. Apparently there is also a nice yolk sack. Hoping for a clearer picture next time, I will be just shy of 9 weeks. 9 weeks, can you believe it?!?!?! I've created a pregnancy page for these pictures and ultrasounds, see the tabs at the top. I don't have a plan as to what will go where yet.

I've been hesitant to post any pictures, not wanting jinx anything and whatnot, but I have been taking pictures. Here are my 5 week, 6 week and tonight's 7 week pictures. And yes, this is my chill out on the couch outfit each night when I change out of work clothes. Also, yes, the best 6 week picture of me has creepy Finnley in the bottom corner.

5 weeks
6 weeks

7 weeks


  1. Ahh!! What a great post! SOOOO great that you got to hear a heartbeat, and so fun that you're finally posting belly pics! :)

    FYI - if you zoom in the camera a bit (say crop from mid thigh to just above your head), the camera should focus more clearly on you and white balance better.

    Try not to worry about weight yet. There is a lot of bloating that goes on in the beginning and then it kinda levels out when you can move more. I weighed the same at 8w and 15w! You're a healthy, active person. You'll be fine!

  2. What a great ultrasound update! I'm very happy for you. Those pounds must be hidden in a hollow leg, because you look wonderful!

  3. Yay for a heartbeat and healthy growth!! So glad to hear this news, and you look great.


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