Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicken feet and other pregnancy symptoms

I wish I had more pregnancy symptoms. I know I shouldn't wish some of the bad things onto myself lest I be tempting fate, but I do wish I had more to go by to know that something was really going on in there. I've had no nausea, no vomiting, no food aversions, no food cravings, no bloating, and no roadmap veins across my chest.

I've only had a few new things going on. Sensitive breasts, frequent urination and chicken feet.

Yes, you read that right, chicken feet.

Every night from about 8-10 PM my feet cramp up like I've never had happen before. My toes curl or flex in strange directions. I swear they look like bird claws and not human feet. The muscles tendons and bones stick up and out as my feet twist. I have to rub them and stomp on them and walk around to get them to stop cramping. The act of walking around to get one of them to stop cramping makes the other foot cramp. The more I think about my feet cramping, the more they cramp. It occasionally happens during the day too, but nowhere near as bad as at night.

It's crazy! I've never heard of someone complaining of what I would consider extreme foot cramps in early pregnancy, but I've really never experienced anything like this before so it's the only thing I can attribute it to.

I've googled it to death and everything says: eat more potassium and drink more water. Every search result says to do the things you would do for any type of regular large muscle cramping. I swear though, I take a prescription prenatal vitamin, eat 2 or more bananas a day and drink more water which makes me have to pee like...well like a pregnant woman! And...these changes only make a slight difference in the cramping.

Has anyone else experienced something they would consider an unusual pregnancy chicken feet?


  1. No chicken feet, but my doc did make sure to remind me that putting lemon in your water has a myriad of health benefits. Maybe try that?

    As far as other symptoms, my breasts were tender for a bit in the beginning, and then that went away, and like you, I wished for symptoms. Then at 6w4d I started puking...and puking...and puking... and swore I would NEVER pray for symptoms again!! Try to feel grateful that your body is handling this pregnancy so well!

  2. Omg!!! Just catching up!!! I definitely had that...still do actually. My doc recommended calcium, so a big glass of milk before bed. He said it helps with circulation which causes the problem in the first place. So SO happy for you!!!!!!

  3. Never heard of this before, sounds really strange! Hope it goes away soon...

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