Thursday, March 28, 2013

9 weeks

9 weeks, holy cow, 9 weeks already!

I posted yesterday that we had a great ultrasound. I was hoping for a call today to tell me what to do next, but I got nothing. I think the MA was out of the office the day before and probably playing catch up today. I'll call tomorrow myself if I still don't hear.

I think I am one of the lucky few that is going to get to skip morning sickness altogether. I have had no nausea, no vomiting, and no food aversions. I do get extra hungry sometimes, usually about 30 minutes before a mealtime, but some crackers always tide me over, or orange tictacs (I just keep some in my purse)

Really all my symptoms are at a bare minimum. Boobs are bigger and a little sore, but I'm still on progesterone.

However, I do think that my stomach has started to grow. I'm only 9 weeks, can this be for real? My pants are super tight and need to be left unbuttoned/unhooked. It's really awkward with dress pants to do this and I am readjusting myself all day. I've bought one over-sized pair of dress pants and one pair of jeans, but they are still too big, I think I'm going to need some belly bands in the very near future, like this weekend.

I think I'm cleared to do some exercise now. I never really said, but I had huge cysts on both ovaries from the stim meds. They were being extra serious on the no impact exercise due to fear of ovarian torsion. As of yesterday, I'm down to just one cyst on the left ovary at about 3.5 cm in diameter. I was blaming the weight gain on carrying around a half dozen golfball sized cysts, but I don't think I can do that anymore. I'm up 6 lbs since transfer and I hope to hold steady at this weight until at least 12 weeks, although up until now this has been outside my control.  

I've posted an ultrasound pic in the "Pregnancy" tab at the top, but here is the pic of me from tonight. What do you think, a little belly starting to show? This is me sort of sucking it also get a Finnley butt in the bottom corner...what can you do.

9 weeks


  1. 9 weeks! So exciting!

    Congrats on the no nausea--lucky gal. :)

  2. EEk!! Tiny little belly starting. For me it was crazy to feel how HARD the uterus was underneath instead of my typical pudgy beer belly. :) So glad you had a great ultrasound!


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